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EFI Fiery Color Profiler Suite

Workflow Solutions

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  • Create top-quality ICC profiles that can be used to meet or exceed industry references for color appearance matching
  • Quickly and easily create a G7 calibration set and output profile for Fiery servers, Fiery XF, or any non-Fiery print system that can print PDF documents
  • Match up to 5 Fiery Driven printers to achieve color consistency across your print facility
  • Split a single job across multiple presses for maximum productivity
  • Verify color accuracy for compliance with industry standards such as ISO and GRACoL using the latest standards such as ISO 12467-7:2006
  • Ensure accurate output so that the first print is approved by the print buyer, and future reprints will be consistent
  • Recalibrate a Fiery server or create a new Fiery calibration set with any supported spectrophotometer
  • Measure P2P25 and P2P51 G7 target measurement for use with Curve or other G7 calibration software
  • Visualize a device gamut to understand the color quality available for different printers and substrates
  • Compare multiple ICC profiles or measurement sets to predict the likelihood of accurate color matching
  • Edit ICC output profiles to precisely tune color appearance
  • Adjust tone, cast, saturation, or gray balance to satisfy even the most demanding print buyer
  • Create device link profiles to improve the accuracy of color matching through iterative optimization
  • Import G7 corrections directly from Curve3™ software, the industry-standard tool for G7 matching
  • Create custom ICC display profiles for soft proofing to reduce waste from reprints and rework
  • Share digital color files with confidence by providing consistent appearance across multiple displays

The Fiery® Color Profiler Suite color management software:

  • provides integrated color management functionality and quality control for printing systems
  • extends the color capabilities of Fiery Driven™ printers with advanced color management tools for profile creation, inspection, editing and color quality assurance
  • modular functions ensure color accuracy and consistency across design and office applications for all types of media, while increasing productivity and return on investment.

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