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Non-Interchangeable Lens LCOS Projectors

Item Code: 2136C002AA

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This projector projects bright 5000 lumen*1 images with up to a 2000:1 contrast ratio that helps ensure deep blacks, bright whites and outstanding color. The results are images with crisp depth and dimension, and amazing color accuracy, which is critical to those with discerning needs.

Canon's WUXGA resolution brings bright, true widescreen display of intricately detailed HD video content and still images with outstanding color richness to large-room installations in high resolution WUXGA (1920 x 1200) at a competitive price. Content is projected without compression. Widescreen graphics, text and other visual content from laptops and desktop computers are shown in accurate proportions, just as it appears on most monitor screens.

The exceptional imaging performance of this projector starts with Canon's proprietary AISYS (Aspectual Illumination System) Optical Engine, which utilizes advanced light management technology to maximize the contrast and brightness benefits of the projector's LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) display panels, which deliver superior reflectivity and durability while accomplishing high luminance. The result is highly detailed, seamless, ultra-sharp image projection in virtually any environment.

Drawing on Canon's advanced optical expertise, this projector utilizes Genuine Canon Optics to project high-quality, virtually distortion-free images.

The lens features a multitude of Canon Lens technologies, such as dual-sided aspherical lens elements as well as Ultra Low Dispersion (UD) lens elements. These elements significantly reduce chromatic aberration, curvilinear distortion, ghosting and flare to create sharp and clear images in a compact projector size.

A short throw ratio of 0.56:1 means that a 100-inch diagonal image can be projected from an approximate distance of only 4 feet away, with virtually no image distortion. This allows for large, accurate images in tight spaces from museums and galleries to simulation and training.

A large vertical (0–75%) and horizontal (±10%) lens shift allows for adjustment of the image with virtually no distortion. Users can be virtually assured that this projector can be optimally positioned to suit their specific environment and needs.

Combined, the short throw ratio and significant lens shift help produce an optimized viewing angle that achieves virtually no distortion right up to the very edge of the image. A deep depth of focus (F2.7) allows images to be rendered highly accurately onto a variety of curved surfaces. Where other projectors may distort or bow at the edges, Canon's optical technology keeps the image periphery extremely straight – exhibiting significantly low TV distortion. This results in beautiful images with smooth edges.

4-point Keystone Correction
Allows the corners of the image to be independently adjusted to help ensure optimal image reproduction.

360-degree Vertical Installation*3
360-degree projection*3 allows the projector to be positioned anywhere on the vertical axis. Fan speed can also be adjusted to help optimize results (depending on projector positioning).

Screen Color Correction
Enables users to fine-tune the colors of images based on the color of the projection surface. Adjustments can be made from Normal and Greenboard, as well as additional tuning for projecting onto virtually any other colored surface.



Picture by Picture
A Picture by Picture feature enables two high-quality images from two digital inputs (via DVI and HDMI) to be projected simultaneously side-by-side within the projected image.





Test Patterns
26 test patterns are provided to enable smooth installation and adjustment.



This projector is equipped with a built-in HDBaseT receiver facilitating uncompressed HD video, audio and control signals to be transmitted over one single LAN cable with a maximum distance of 100m. This reduces complex wiring schemes used for a typical setup as well as maximizing long cable runs with minimal image quality degradation.

HDBaseT operation may vary when connected to other third-party HDBaseT devices. Please consult with a Canon representative for a full compatibility list.

A variety of advanced installation settings provide added customization options for challenging installation areas.

Edge Blending
The Edge Blending function enables the user to combine multiple images to create a seamless, extra-wide projection. Advanced functions allow for color blending and black level adjustments to maximize image quality.

The Registration function modifies the registration by electronically correcting color shift due to changes in alignment of each RGB panel position.

Micro-Digital Image Shift
The Micro-Digital Image Shift function shifts the image electrically, using the surplus pixels on the LCOS panel.

Fan Mode
Fan Mode gives the user the ability to adjust the fan speed to supporting different environmental workspaces.

Vertical Projection
The Vertical Projection function automatically adjusts fan speeds and other configurations to support vertical installations.

This projector includes pre-set Image Modes and additional customizable Image Modes to suit a wide range of user preferences and projection environments.

Multiple Image Modes*4


Image Modes provide different variations of color reproduction characteristics suitable for the image type and projection environment. They include:



Standard: Ideal for bright rooms, and when using content from computer screens or motion picture content.

Presentation: Ideal for somewhat bright rooms when text needs to be clear, such as when part of a video presentation.

Dynamic: Ideal for rooms that are somewhat bright, and when showing motion picture content.

Vivid Photo: Ideal for rendering rich color brilliantly and reproducing skin tones naturally.

Photo/sRGB: Ideal for projecting images from sRGB-supported digital cameras.

Video: Ideal for rooms that are somewhat dark, and for video content.

Cinema: Ideal for viewing theatrical image content in a room without lighting.

5 Customizable Modes: Ideal for custom set-ups. Provides up to 5 user-selected combinations of image quality settings that can be stored in the memory and selected as an image mode.


This projector offers extensive image quality adjustments to help users customize the image to meet their specific projection needs.

Image Adjustments
The Image Adjustment settings allow users to customize the image and color characteristics to fulfill their specific imaging needs. These include:



Color Adjustments



• Color Level
• Color Balance
• Color Temperature
• Gain (RGB)
• Offset (RGB)


Advanced Image Adjustments
These adjustments provide greater flexibility to professional users with more options to adjust the image as desired. These settings include:




Ambient Light: This technology allows the user to select the color temperature, lamp type and other characteristics that are in the active environment.

Random Noise Reduction: This feature eliminates minute noise that may appear in the image.

MPEG Noise Reduction: This feature eliminates block noise that may appear when playing back compressed digital images and "mosquito noise" that may appear in a dot pattern near the edges.

Mosquito Noise Reduction: This feature eliminates "mosquito noise" exclusively from still images.

Dynamic Gamma: When applied, this feature analyzes individual areas of the image for specific, independent contrast adjustment so light and dark areas do not appear over or under exposed.



Memory Color Correction: This Canon technology can be used to enhance skin tones and other color features for rich, vivid results that look striking to the human eye.

6-Axis Color Adjust: This technology lets users fine-tune the hue and saturation of each of the primary and secondary colors, providing a high degree of control that can make each projected image a "masterpiece."

Fine-tune Gamma: This setting enables the adjustment of gamma curve, allowing the user to adjust white, red, green and blue.

Lamp Control: This setting suppresses the amount of luminance by reducing the lamp power when the input image signal is of an all-black image. It will also improve the contrast ratio.



Lamp Mode
Allows the user to select either Full Power to project images at full brightness, or Power Saver which reduces lamp brightness to save energy.



This projector includes Canon's latest Motion Blur Reduction*5 feature for improved visibility when movement is fast. By inserting extra frames to video content, motion blur is reduced and the clarity of graphics and text on fast-moving objects is preserved. Three different modes (Strong, Low and Off) are included for flexibility, with each depending on the level of movement and type of video content.

Connections include: HDMI, DVI-I, and analog RGB computer connectors; a VGA connector; a LAN connection terminal for wired transmission of image and audio signals from a PC; stereo audio inputs, and an audio output for connecting to external speakers or a sound system (the projector includes a built-in five-watt speaker). Industry-standard control and networking inputs include a network-ready RJ-45 port enabling authorized users to manage and control multiple projectors from any PC on a network (Gigabit data transfer speeds are supported), an RS-232 serial connection for monitoring the projector locally through a third-party control system, a USB Type A port for easy installation of firmware upgrades, a mini-jack for connecting an optional hand-held wired remote controller and a built-in HDBaseT receiver.

Compatibility with Crestron, AMX Device Discovery and Extron helps ensure seamless integration into most systems or infrastructures and smooth network management. Support for PJLink also makes it possible to control and monitor the projector over a network – this feature is ideal for observing lamp hours, usage and much more.

Built-in network multi projection (NMPJ) function and Wi-Fi® connectivity enable selective sharing of visual content from one or more PCs and laptops, wirelessly or over LAN. Four NMPJ modes enable selective sharing of visual information:


Direct Mode: In this mode the user can connect directly to the projector using a network cable or can connect directly to the network where the projector is located. The user can connect 1 PC and use 1 projector.

Meeting Mode: This mode is for sharing materials among all meeting attendees. It also enables remote operation and sharing via the internet between bases in different locations. The benefit of this mode is that each PC can select multiple projectors as projector operation is enabled from each PC. This mode allows the user to connect up to 10 PCs and 6 projectors on an infrastructure connection, or 5 PCs and 1 projector on a wireless connection.

Classroom Mode: The instructor can decide which attendee PCs will connect with which projectors and can switch the attendee projections as the class progresses. The benefit of this mode is that one PC (instructor) selects which PCs (students) to project from and controls the projectors. Certain operations are enabled from the client PCs (students), however they're limited. In this mode the user can connect up to 10 PCs and 6 projectors via an infrastructure connection, or 5 PCs and 1 projector via a wireless connection.

Broadcast Mode: This mode enables one PC to connect up to 12 projectors (infrastructure connection only).


NMPJ mode Connection type Max No. of projectors Max No. of PCs
Direct mode Infrastructure 1 1
Wireless direct 1 1
Meeting mode Infrastructure 6 10
Wireless direct 1 5
Classroom mode Infrastructure 6 10
Wireless direct 1 5
Broadcast mode Infrastructure 12 1
Wireless direct

This projector uses a relatively low amount of power per lumen. It offers multiple power-management settings that allow the user to preset stand-by durations, execute power operations and auto-assign functions to the power button.

The design of this projector also allows for simplified maintenance – air filters and the projection lamp can be replaced while the projector remains ceiling mounted without having to uninstall.

Canon 3-Year Projector & Lamp Limited Warranty


All Canon Projectors offer peace of mind as they are backed by Canon USA's Projector and Lamp Limited Warranty, which guarantees that the projector will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for 3 years from the date of original purchase, and the Lamp for 120 days from the date of original purchase. For complete terms and conditions click here.

3-Year Advanced Warranty Exchange Service Program*2



The Canon 3-Year Advanced Warranty Exchange Service Program*2 provides you with enhanced warranty service in addition to traditional "mail-in" repair service. The exchange program provides a replacement unit in exchange for your eligible inoperative Canon Projector if repair service is required during the product's limited warranty period.

3-Year Service Loaner Program*2



The Canon Service Loaner Program*2 provides a loaner product in the event that your eligible Canon Projector is in need of repair during the limited warranty period. The loaner projector may be used while your inoperative unit is being serviced via Canon's "mail-in" repair service.

Extended Service Plan*2



Canon CarePAK PRO AV Extended Service Plan*2 offer options for one year or two years additional coverage for up to five full years of service and support from the date the Canon REALiS PRO AV Installation Projector is purchased.



Main Unit Spec

Projector Specifications

Imaging Device
Reflective LCOS Panel, x3
Aspect Ratio
Native Resolution
1920 x 1200 (WUXGA)
5000lm / 3460lm *2
Contrast Ratio
Digital Keystone
V: ±12°, H: ±12°



F Number, Focal Length
F2.7, 8.8mm 
Electronic Zoom
12x Maximum
Image Size
30 - 300" *3
Amount of Lens Shift
V: 0 - 75%, H: ±10%
Throw Ratio
0.56:1 *1


Image Adjustments

Image Modes
Standard, Presentation, Dynamic, Photo/sRGB, Video, User1, User2, User3, User4, User5
Color Adjustment
Color Level, Color Balance, Color Temperature, Gains of RGB, Offsets of RGB
Screen Color Correction
Normal, Greenboard, Adjust 
Upward, Downward, Table, Ceiling 
Adjustable Feet
Bottom front: 2 places (Maximum elevation 6°)


Image Signals

Scanning Frequency
H: 15.734kHz - 75.000kHz, V: 24.000Hz - 60.317Hz
Analog PC Input
Digital PC Input
Component Video Input
1080p / 1080i / 720p / 576p / 576i / 480p / 480i
Digital Video Input
1080p / 1080i / 720p / 576p / 480p
Dot Clock
162MHz (Maximum) 
HDBaseT input
Equivalent to the input signals for HDMI terminal 
USB Data Transfer
JPEG still images only



Digital PC / Analog PC input
Digital PC / Digital Video input
Network Connection (1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T)
Analog PC / Component Video input 
Dsub9 (Control)
RS-232 Connection
USB Type A
USB Connection 
Mini Jack
Audio input x2, Audio output x1
Mini Jack (Remote)
Wired remote control connection 


Remote Control

Wireless Remote
Infrared (supplied) / Wired (optional)


Built-In Sound

Internal Amplifier
5W, Monaural



Super High Pressure Lamp 
3000H / 5000H
Lamp Power
280 / 200W *2



Fan Noise
38 / 30 dB *2
Power Consumption
395 / 295W *2
Standby Power Consumption
1.8 - 0.2W *4
Heat Dissipation
Up to 1,246 BTU/h
Power Voltage
AC100 - 240V : 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature
32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C), 20%RH - 85%RH
Storage Temperature
-4°F - 140°F (-20°C - 60°C)
Dimensions (W x H x D)
W: 13.26" (337mm), H: 5.35" (136mm), D: 16.33" (415mm)
13.88 lbs. (6.3kg)



*1: Calculated value for 100 type image
*2: Lamp mode is Full power / Power saver. Brightness in Power saver mode is only a calculated value and is not guaranteed as specification
*3: Indicates projectable range, although the optical performance is guaranteed only for 50 - 200 inches
*4: Varies depending on the combination of the HDBaseT and network settings

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WUX500ST Projector Kit

WUX500ST Projector Kit REALiS WUX500ST Pro AV Projector Lens Cap Power Cord VGA to VGA Connection Cable (Mini Dsub15-Mini Dsub15) Projector Remote Control RS-RC06 (includes two AA batteries) Lamp RS-LP08 Quick Start Guide (book) User's Manual (CD-ROM) Warranty Card

Compatible Supplies & Accessories

Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you REALiS WUX500ST Pro AV that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Visit the Canon Online Store



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Digital Signage Magazine "Best of Show Award" InfoComm 2017

The REALiS WUX500ST won a Digital Signage "Best of Show Award" at InfoComm 2017. The winners were chosen at InfoComm 2017 by a panel of onsite judges.

Press Accolades

Church Production Review

Perfect for everything from projecting song lyrics and sermon notes to IMAG of the pastor, the WUX500ST works where other projectors don't.

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A&E Specifications

A&E Specifications

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*1 When in Presentation Mode and lamp is set to Full Power Mode.
*2 Programs and service offerings subject to change without notice. For complete details, including terms and conditions for each program, or to learn more about Service and Support offerings for Canon professional projectors, please contact a Canon sales rep or call 1-800-OK-CANON.
*3 When standing the projector straight up or down, lamp life may be shortened.
*4 Available image modes vary to some extent depending on the selected input signal and setting.
*5 When motion blur reduction is activated, brightness will be affected.

† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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