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At 5500 ANSI lumens, the LV-7575 is Canon's brightest projector and one of the brightest projectors you'll find anywhere. This powerful XGA projector is equipped with three 1.3" LCD panels and is perfect for installing permanently into theatres and big boardrooms.<br/> <br/> What's more, Canon's most powerful performer is also a portable one. Despite its output, the LV-7575 still weighs in at under 20 lbs. Plus, all that power fits into a body that is surprisingly small -- 12.6" x 6.6" x 16.9" (319mm x 168mm x 429.5mm).<br/> <br/>
Big and bright is nothing without sharpness and clarity -- and the LV-7575 has both. The projector's Native XGA resolution (1024 x 768) means impressive video and text images. It also provides WXGA wide screen computer display support. The LV-7575 even supports UXGA (1600 x 1200) through advanced, high-quality compression, giving you brilliance that matches the brightness. The result is the image quality you've come to expect from Canon.<br/> <br/>
Canon means uncompromised image quality. Start with the LV-7575's Genuine Canon Optics 1.3x zoom lens -- a sharp, brilliant lens that lives up to Canon's unparalleled reputation for optical excellence. The f/1.8 projection lens is constructed from 13 elements in 10 groups. Although the lens uses a slightly smaller aperture -- from the previous model's f/1.7 to f/1.8 -- this has not reduced the projector's brightness due to the increased aperture ratio of the LCD panels. With a projection distance of 3.7 -- 29.1 feet, the lens gives you a diagonal screen as compact as 31" and as big as 400".<br/> <br/> In addition to this optical performance, the projector gives you unparalleled image control with a variety of features:<br/> Intelligent Image Sharpness lets you sharpen parts of your image while avoiding text (which can be deteriorated by correction).<br/> <br/> Auto Picture Control automatically optimizes your images by adjusting its contrast with an emphasis on black tones.<br/> <br/> Auto Lamp Mode adjusts lamp brightness in a darkened room. This ensures that black areas in an image are as black as intended.<br/> <br/> 3D Noise Reduction gets rid of brightness and color noise, leaving a clear, clean picture.<br/> <br/> Plus, the LV-7575 boasts an impressive 800:1 Contrast Ratio.<br/> <br/>
With the LV-7575's 10-bit digital video processing, you get 1.07 billion possible colors for smoother gradations and stunningly accurate color reproduction.<br/> <br/> You can further enhance the color, using the projector's Color Management tool to manually control specific hues in your image. First, select a hue. Then, make adjustments to the saturation and gamma. It's the ideal tool for users with the most demanding projection needs.<br/> <br/>
Combine Canon's brightest projector with a wide array of lenses, and you have a combination that will work in every situation imaginable. Of course, your LV-7575 comes with a sharp, versatile Genuine Canon Optics, 1.3X Optical Zoom. With a projection distance of 1.4 to 14.7 meters, the lens gives you a diagonal screen as compact as 31" and as big as 400".<br/> <br/> But the LV-7575 can also be paired with optional lenses: an Ultra Wide Angle, a Wide Angle Zoom, a Long Focus Zoom, or an Ultra Long Focus Zoom. The Wide Angle lenses give you big screen performance even with short projection distances, while the Long Focus lenses let you maintain a manageable screen size over long distances. The zooms allow you to set the perfect screen size -- regardless of the size of your venue.<br/> <br/> <br/> Ultra Wide Angle Lens<br/> <br/> Wide Angle Zoom Lens<br/> <br/> Long Focus<br/> Zoom Lens<br/> <br/> Ultra Long Focus<br/> Zoom Lens<br/> <br/> Focal length: 22.33 mm<br/> 34.3 - 48.02 mm<br/> 63.5 - 111.5 mm<br/> 111.6 - 155.2 mm<br/> 100" screen: 1.63 m (5.3')<br/> 100" screen: 2.5 - 3.7 m<br/> 100" screen: 8.2 - 12.1 ft<br/> 100" screen: 4.7 - 8.5 m<br/> 100" screen: 15.4 - 27.9 ft<br/> 100" screen: 8.4 - 11.7 m<br/> 100" screen: 27.6 - 38.4 ft<br/> Throw Ratio: 0.8:1 (D:W)<br/> Throw Ratio: 1.25 to 1.8:1 (D:W)<br/> Throw Ratio: 2.29 to 4.17:1 (D:W)<br/> Throw Ratio: 4=4.15 to 5.78:1 (D:W)<br/>
The Power Lens Shift (1:1 -- 10:0) lets you raise the screen position to the perfect height -- quickly and easily -- without tilting the projector. Power Lens Shift also lets you adjust the screen position when your LV-7575 is mounted on the ceiling.<br/> <br/>
Operate your LV-7575 projector from any computer on your company's network thanks to the optional Network Imager. The Network Imager works with standard Ethernet-based networks using TCP/IP.<br/> <br/> Through an easy-to-use, graphic user interface, you can then turn your projector on and off, switch inputs, or adjust the picture. You can program it to operate on daily or weekly schedules, and monitor its status -- including lamp life.<br/> <br/> When a lamp needs replacement or you would like a system status update, you receive messages via e-mail from the projector.<br/> <br/> You can even manage as many as 100 connected LV-7575s from a single computer. (Each projector must be equipped with its own Network Imager.)<br/> <br/> Because it's part of your network, you can transfer presentations to it from any computer on your system, or display screen content from computer to projector.<br/> <br/> Screen content captured from a networked PC can be projected and shared with multiple PCs on the network.<br/> <br/> And, image data stored on a file server can be automatically transferred to your LV-7575 for display. Up to as many as 1,000 JPEG images can be displayed, and users can program how long and how many times an image is displayed.<br/> <br/>
Even with high power and brightness, the LV-7575 is a super quiet performer, operating at 38dB. Silent Mode reduces fan noise even further to an ultra-quiet 36dB -- perfect for smaller rooms and situations that require a quieter projector, but not all of the LV-7575's brightness. Not only that, but the projector's Fan Control automatically monitors room temperature and, in a cooler room, lowers the power to the fan.<br/> <br/>
When you connect your LV-7575 to different sources with different content, the projector gives you optimum image quality through an array of image modes:<br/> Standard (PC, video) for normal viewing.<br/> <br/> High Contrast (PC) for projecting sharper graphs and photographs.<br/> <br/> Cinema (video) for watching movies in a darkened room.<br/> <br/> Custom (PC/video) lets you adjust several factors, including gamma. Gamma adjustment affects the overall brightness of an image, making it useful for images that are too dark or too bright. Up to 10 custom profiles can be stored.<br/> <br/>
When you hook up your LV-7575 with your DVD player, the projector's 2-3/2-2 Pulldown minimizes motion artifacts on DVDs that were transferred from film. By automatically detecting 2-3 and 2-2 pulldown signals from the your DVD player, each frame of the original film is recreated with 100% accuracy.<br/> <br/>
With Digital Keystone Correction, you can quickly eliminate distracting keystone distortion and project a perfectly square image. Tilt the projector 35 degrees up or down, or 15 degrees from side to side, and keystone correction gives you a perfectly square screen effortlessly.<br/> <br/>
The LV-7575 comes with a remote that is full of control features. You can use your remote for wired or wireless control of your projector. You can also connect your projector to your PC with the mouse control cable, and use the projector remote like a mouse to wirelessly control your PC. You simply move the cursor on the screen using the mouse pointer on the remote. The L-click and R-click buttons on the remote work like the left and right buttons of a mouse. And, the Drag button lets you "drag-and-drop".<br/> <br/> <br/> <br/> In addition to its all-new ergonomic design and thoughtful button layout, the remote also contains a handy laser pointer.<br/> <br/>
You can display the logo of your choice at the start of every presentation. Plus, the logo PIN code lock feature prevents anyone else from changing the image.<br/> <br/>
With the projector's advanced connection options, you can hook it up to your notebook or desktop PC, digital camera, digital video camcorder, VCR, or HDTV and HD. Not only that, the Progressive Scan Converter feature lets you input any interlaced signal -- including 1080i HDTV, 1035i, 575i and 480i.<br/> <br/>
A PIN Code Lock ensures that only authorized users are able to start and operate your LV-7575. At start-up, a display will appear and prompt the user to enter a password that you set in advance.<br/> <br/> A Key Lock function locks the keys on projector's control panel or remote control, preventing accidental interruptions in your presentation.<br/> <br/>
Canon's brightest projector is made all the better with a long list of features that enhance its performance and versatility. With RS-232, USB Mouse Control, Stereo Audio Output, 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty, and a 120 Day Lamp Life Warranty, the LV-7575 is a versatile multimedia projector.<br/> <br/> <br/> Flexible Set-up<br/> <br/> <br/> The flexibility of the LV-7575 makes it the right choice for any installation requirements you might have. It is designed for both front and rear projection. It can project straight up or down. And, of course, the LV-7575 also projects in either a standard, upright configuration, or when mounted from the ceiling using the optional LV-CL07 mount.<br/>

LV-7575 Box Contents

LV-7575 Box Contents LV-7575 Projector Wireless/Wired Remote Control USB Cable VGA Computer Cable Mouse Control Cable Power Cable Warranty Card Pin Code Label User's Manual


Projector Specifications

Native Resolution



5500 ANSI Lumens



Contrast Ratio


Digital Keystone (Vertical)

+/- 35 degrees vertical, +/- 15 degrees horizontal


Projection Lens


Lens Shift

1:1 - 10:0


1.3 X

Screen Size


Throw Distance

1.77 to 2.33:1

Input Signals

Scanning Frequency

H:15 ~ 100 kHz , V: 50 ~ 100 Hz, Dot clock: 108 MHz

Analog PC Input


Video/S-Video Input


Component Input

Component, S-video, Composite, VGA, 5BNC Terminals DVI (supports HDCP), USB


(Output) Stereo Mini Jack

Yes (variable)

Built-in Speaker

Stereo (2W x 2)



Yes (8-pin; mini DIN)

Lamp Life

318 Watt UHP

Remote Control




Power Voltage

100-240V, 50-60 Hz Worldwide, 450W


19.2lbs (8.7kg)


3 years parts and labor, 120 day lamp life

Compatible Supplies & Accessories

Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you LV-7575 that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Visit the Canon Online Store



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