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<br/> <br/> Canon is known worldwide for the quality of its lenses -- in photography, video and television. For example, the optical technology found in the lens of the LV-X2 is the same as Canon uses in its broadcast TV lenses, found in the majority of broadcast cameras. This puts Canon, and the LV-X2, at the top of the class for image quality. This lens is linked to Canon's innovative Clear Prism, ensuring superior color fidelity.
The LV-X2 LCD projector uses a high precision 1.4X zoom projection lens. The projector also features Canon's exclusive optical box, which, in combination with the lens, delivers high brightness and high quality video output. At 1.4X, the LV-X2 boasts the largest optical zoom in the microportable class, delivering a wide range of projection distances to suit your needs. This ultra-wide angle lens means you can project a big picture from a short distance -- great for small rooms.<br/> <br/>
The size of the displayed image depends not only on the projector's distance from the screen, but also the projector's zoom lens setting. The LV-X2 is designed for small room use; it can produce a screen image of 100 inches (diagonal) when just 9.2 feet away from the screen.<br/>
The LV-X2 features three 0.7-inch liquid crystal display panels, delivering outstanding Native XGA resolution (1024x768-pixels). It can even display SXGA resolution (1280 X 960 pixels) through advanced, high-quality compression.
The brighter the projector the better you are able to deliver a quality image wherever you need to. The LV-X2 delivers 1100 ANSI lumens, made possible by the brightness of the optical system. This has been accomplished with low fan noise; there's no need to shout over the noise of the projector when making a presentation in a small room. This high light output means a superior image with truer color and fidelity.
The LV-X2 is designed to open up new vistas for you, not restrict you. Therefore it will support several computer display standards and multiple video formats, including HDTV. &#160; Multi-Region: NTSC, PAL, SECAM<br/> This projector supports the NTSC, PAL, SECAM, NTSC 4.43, PAL-M and PAL-N color systems, meaning it can handle all these video inputs, used in different parts of the world, and display them correctly. &#160; Supports HDTV<br/> HDTV, DTV and DVD component inputs are supported (color-difference signal input), yielding images free from color blur.
The LV-X2 delivers tremendous versatility, not just in the inputs it supports, but also in the adjustments that can be made for a perfect picture. These include picture quality adjustment features as well as physical setup features. <br/> Color, Brightness and Contrast Control<br/> The tone reproduction can be tailored by switching the image mode between standard and high contrast with PC inputs and between standard and cinema with video inputs. <br/> Auto Grayscale and Auto Fleshtone<br/> The LV-X2 will automatically adjust the quality of the picture, using its Auto Grayscale function and its Auto Fleshtone function, for the best possible display. These deliver enhanced contrast and truer skin tones <br/> Keystone Adjustment<br/> If the projector is not aligned properly with the screen (perpendicular to it), keystoning can occur. This will create a displayed image with trapezoidal shape (narrower at the bottom than top, for example). The LV-X2 features keystone adjustment to correct for the times when the projector cannot be set up perpendicular to the screen, for angles up to +/-20 degrees from the perpendicular.
The control panel of the LV-X2 offers several connections to handle input, output, and projector control. <br/> VGA Input<br/> Included for the LV-X2 is a control panel connection that allows input from a laptop or desktop computer. <br/> S-Video, Composite, Component<br/> The projector's control panel offers connections for S-video, Composite and Component video signals. <br/> RS-232 Control<br/> An RS-232 (Item Code: 4640A001) control connection is optional for the LV-X2. <br/> USB Mouse Control Port<br/> The USB port on the control panel will let you connect the mouse connector on your computer to the mouse connector on the projector. This connector is an option for the LV-X2. <br/> Audio Input and Output<br/> The LV-X2 has both audio input and audio output: audio input for the PC, audio input for AV, and audio output for an external speaker. <br/>
Whether you require tabletop, ceiling mount, or rear projection, the LV-X2 rises to the occasion, providing you with outstanding flexibility. <br/> Ceiling Mount Projection<br/> When the LV-X2 is mounted suspended from a ceiling, the image can be inverted for a correctly viewable display (Ceiling Mount Item Code: 7567A001). <br/> Rear Projection<br/> For rear projection use, the displayed image can be reversed. (Rear projection is used in environments where the projector must be placed behind the screen.
The LV-X2 is a micro-portable projector, meaning it is small and lightweight. Perfect for carrying anywhere. <br/> <br/> Size and Weight The LV-X2 measures 10.24 x 9.63 x 2.99 inches (260 x 244.5 x 76 mm) and weighs 6.4 pounds (2.9 kg).
The LV-X2 offers additional features to make operation quick, convenient, and user-friendly. <br/> <br/> Multi-Language Menu<br/> The on-screen menu display can be in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. <br/> <br/> Remote Control <br/> The LV-X2 comes with a wireless remote control that controls digital zoom, volume, keystone adjustment, among others.<br/> <br/>

LV-X2 Projector Kit - Item Code: 8125A002

LV-X2 Projector Kit - Item Code: 8125A002 LV-X2 Owner's Manual AC Power Cord Remote Control Unit and Battery VGA Cable Carrying Bag Lens Cover


Projector Specifications

Native Resolution



1,250 LUMENS



Contrast Ratio


Digital Keystone (Vertical)

(+/-) 20 deg H


Projection Lens


Lens Shift




Screen Size


Throw Distance

1.77 to 2.33:1

Input Signals

Scanning Frequency

H:15 ~ 100 kHz , V: 50 ~ 100 Hz, Dot clock: 108 MHz

Analog PC Input


Video/S-Video Input


Component Input

Component, S-video, Composite, VGA, Audio, USB


(Output) Stereo Mini Jack

Yes (variable)

Built-in Speaker

1 Watt Monaural




Lamp Life

132 Watt UHP

Remote Control




Power Voltage

100-240V, 50-60 Hz Worldwide


6.39 lbs


3 years parts and labor, 120 day lamp life.

Compatible Supplies & Accessories

Canon offers a wide range of compatible supplies and accessories that can enhance your user experience with you LV-X2 that you can purchase direct. Scroll down to easily select items to add to your shopping cart for a faster, easier checkout. Visit the Canon Online Store



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