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imageFORMULA CR-180 Check Transport

Support Check Scanners


High Speed Scanning - The CR-180 performs high-speed scans of both sides of 180 check size documents on black & white or gray scale at up to 240 dpi.
Built-in Jogger Unit - The CR-180 has a patented built-in jogger as a standard feature. Saving document preparation time, the unit jogs documents using vibration to align the bottom edges of documents loaded on the document tray, which also helps accurate reading on MICR characters by reducing document skew.
Built-in Imprinter - The CR-180 is equipped with a built-in imprinter as a standard feature, with which endorsement information, can be printed on checks before scanning. The ink-jet imprinter prints a maximum of 48 characters with 3mm in height.
Automatic and Reliable Check Sorting into 2 Output Pockets - The CR-180 has 2 document eject trays, called Output Pockets, to each of which two different sets of checks can be sorted automatically, according to pre-configured conditions based on the MICR data on the checks.
Infrared Double Feed Detection - The CR-180 reliably detects double feeding documents with advanced infrared technology.
High Durability - The CR-180 has a very high durability of 24 million scans with normal maintenance.
Reads MICR Character - The CR-180 reads MICR characters, in E13B standard in U.S. as well as in CMC-7 standard in Europe. With Canon's proprietary magnetic head, the CR-180 has a rated accuracy of over 99.9% in reading MICR data on checks.
Larger Documents - An extendable output tray allows the CR-180 to produce quick scans of papers as large as 11.8 x 23 cm (4.6 x 9.1 inches). Additionally, a non-separation mode allows for the continuous, jam-free scanning of sticky-edged duplicate or multiform documents, and worn-out or damaged checks sealed in a check carrier envelope.
Easy Maintenance - The CR-180 opens on the side, which makes it easy to change the imprinter's ink cartridge, clear a misfeed, or perform maintenance tasks such as cleaning the scanning glass and feed rollers.
Two Output Pockets - Batches of checks can be scanned simultaneously and automatically sorted to two different output pockets using pre-configured rules based on the MICR data on the checks.
When combined with the CR-180, ImageChex Express Lite or Advanced software, provides an affordable turnkey solution with advanced capabilities for check imaging, search and retrieval. With a simple, intuitive Windows interface you have quick access to tools for capture, storage and retrieval of check images and associated MICR data.



† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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