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Canon MDS Program Components


  • When paired with the correct Canon Device Types, organizations running SAP will not only enjoy the high quality performance of Canon's devices, but also extended finishing features such as:
    • Designate Output Tray

    • Designate Page Orientation

    • Designate paper Sources

    • Set Number of Copies

    • Duplex

    • Paper Size

    • Staple

    • Hole Punch

    • Saddle Stitch

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A Device Type is a configuration file that is used to control options available on supported Canon devices, such as designating input tray, determining page orientation, setting number of prints/copies, determining print mode such as duplexing and setting paper sizes.

SAP's printing sub-system bypasses the device driver and generates the PCL/PS data independently. To add the device control options to the PCL/PS data stream, we must use the Device Type.

Device Types for devices released 2009 and after are available exclusively from SAP website and supported by SAP directly. Supported devices can be found under the compatible products tab on the usa.canon.com website. Please contact your SAP representatives for inquiries and guidance on Device Type downloads from SAP website.

For a listing of Canon models supported by SAP, please visit the SAP website.

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† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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