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image.SCAN by image one

Document Capture & Distribution


  • Easy to use interface accessible in English, Spanish, and French.

  • Simple preferred touch screen interface, or operate with a mouse and keyboard.

  • Tutorial videos guide patrons through everything from loading film or fiche to capturing their images electronically.

  • On screen toolbox provides familiar PC image correction at the touch of a button; ie: Despeckle, Deskew and Invert (negative/positive image).

  • Scanned images can be "foldered" based on a user name or ID number, and can then be printed directly, saved to disk, or saved for printing by a central station.

  • Configure the system to assign rights and choose scanner accessories for each workstation.

  • image.SCAN's Central Administration Station can also e-mail or fax (via a workstation or network fax device, if so equipped). A cover sheet can be generated with each print job indicating the number of prints and for whom they were made.

  • Optional image one "vending card*" interface allows charging for prints with several popular vending card systems, some of which also accept coins and bills. * sold separately by image one

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† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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