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Manage your digital assets in one place using optional metadata fields to organize files, access through mobile devices, and set granular permission levels for all collaborators
  • Every device, any kind of content
  • Unlimited storage (in Business Plus and Enterprise Editions)
  • Virtually seamless external collaboration
  • Integrates across various enterprise apps
  • Helps mitigate security risks in regulated industries
  • Award-winning Customer Success
Store any type of file online and easily access it from your computer, phone or tablet - anytime, anywhere.

Use Box’s file sharing with security and governance features to share large files and confidential documents with a simple link, custom URL or password-protected link. Set expiration dates or delete links to remove access.

With Box Sync, you can easily access your files from your desktop - even if you're offline. Once you're back online, your files and edits will sync to Box automatically.

Box Edit lets you easily open, create and edit files directly in Box on any device as a standard feature. Multiple users can even co-author files in real-time using Microsoft Office 365 (separate purchase necessary).

Use Box Notes - a document creation tool built natively in Box - to take notes, create checklists and collaborate in real-time without ever leaving Box.

Preview almost any file type, including presentations and videos, online or on mobile devices without needing to download the file first. 
Publish your finalized assets to relevant stakeholders and platforms using shared links with security features you choose.
  • Tasks & Comments to consolidate streams of communication in one location
  • Preview files without native software installed which helps reduce the cost of licenses for people that only need to review assets
Choose from seven different types of access permissions, including "view", "share", "edit" or "upload only", and control exactly who has access to which documents.

Box automatically saves the latest version of your file whenever you make edits or upload a new version. Previous versions are saved too, and your original shared links stay the same.

Share, edit, discuss and approve content in a central location while staying up to date with real-time notifications. Plus, you can set due dates, assign tasks and monitor progress with ease.

Quickly search all your files and folders in your Box account on any device. Narrow down your search by owner, file type, metadata and more, and access your most used files by marking them "Favorite".

Use optional metadata to define and store custom data associated with your files in Box, making it easier to organize, understand and search through all your files and folders.
User Security Features – You control your files.
Files uploaded to Box are private by default. They are only accessible to others if you choose to share them or make them public.

Granting access
Share a collaboration folder - Any Box user may share a folder with other Box users. Depending on the permissions you’re given, users can upload and download files, add comments and start discussions. The folder owner is free to remove access to one or all of the users at any time.

Share a public link – Link to the file download or link directly for embedding in webpages, blogs, or other third-party software. In both cases, Box creates a unique URL and ID made up of a randomly generated combination of letters and integers.

Restricting access
Grant specific permissions - When you share content, you can grant a specific level of access. Levels include: Preview Only (preview in your web browser - downloading prohibited), Upload Only, Download Only, Upload and Download, or Full Access (which includes the right to delete files).

Password-protect a link to a file or folder – When you create a public link to a file or folder, you may choose to password-protect it. Set an expiration date for a public link – Set an expiration date on a public link. On this date, the link will become invalid and the user will no longer have access to the file or folder.

Auto-delete a file – Set an date for when a file will be automatically deleted and thus no longer available.

Unshare a file – Even if no expiration date has been set, you can choose to unshare a file at any time. When a file is unshared, it deactivates all public links to the file.

Application Security Controls – Managing user privileges
Validated access to data - Box uses password and privilege techniques to validate access to data based on a user’s privileges. Unauthorized access will cause an error.

On-going user authentication - Box employs user authentication which is used with every request to the application. In essence, every single action in Box is only allowed after the system confirms that the user has the privileges to perform the action.

User actions tracking - The Business Plus edition allows administrators to track user actions and gives visibility into usage patterns. Any irregularities will be easy to spot.

Data Center Security Features – Protecting Box servers & software
Physical Access Control – Box.net hosts its servers at two geographically separated, enterprise grade Level 3/Tier 1 data centers with ongoing audits and 24x7x365 monitoring and video surveillance. Data is stored with encoded filenames on an internal storage cluster behind an enterprise-grade firewall, and Box has redundant connections to multiple Internet backbones. Every request is first passed through a carefully programmed and audited verification code, which is designed to help ensure that the user is authorized for the action requested. Box stores local snapshots of data and Box backs up all data daily to an additional facility in a third location.

Fault Tolerance – Box’s storage cluster provides N+2 fault tolerance, meaning the cluster could experience a double node fault and still maintain data integrity. In the event of a node problem, the cluster automatically begins restriping data so that N+2 protection is achieved again.

Reliable and Redundant - Box maintains over fifty versions of its file system as local snapshots. In this manner, Box can revert or recover files in the event of a file consistency issue.

99.9% uptime goal –For Box Business Plus edition customers, Box commercially makes reasonable efforts to meet a 99.9

Network Security Features – Protecting your files in transit
SSL security for Business accounts – Box provides 256-bit Secured Socket Layer (SSL) security to encrypt the data between the end user and Box provided a method of transmission is used that supports encryption. This helps limit access to data transferred between Box servers and the internet.

No indexing of files by Search Engines – Box disallows indexing of files stored on Box by search engines or robots, helping to limit random internet access of your files. Filenames are encoded once they arrive on Box’s servers.



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