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mxHero for Outlook
Mail2Cloud Platform
Archive Platform Add On
Intelligence Platform Add On
Drag 'n Drop email from Outlook directly to your Cloud Storage
Server-Side Solution to Seamlessly Extend your cloud storage to email: Archive, Collaborate, & Govern
Replace legacy email archives with your cloud storage
Add Automated filing of email based on message & attachment content to your mxHero Platform
Quick & Easily move email messages & attachments to your Cloud Storage account
Help Increase your cloud storage ROI and reduce operating costs & complexity
Help Increase your cloud storage ROI and reduce operating costs & complexity
Help Save time, money and effort
  • Embeds cloud storage folder tree directly into Outlook
  • Easy to install, supports most versions of Outlook for Windows
  • Automatically converts message in to a text searchable PDF, saves each attachment and original message
  • Keep "favorite" folders. Includes folder search bar
  • Messages saved are marked in Outlook message list
  • Leverage your cloud storage quota
  • Helps mitigate risks regarding local, state and federal regulations
  • Powerful indexing and search of emails and attachments
  • Intelligent filing based on properties of the email
  • Eliminate unpopular client portals with transparent security direct from any user device
  • Automatically manage attachments from your cloud storage account
  • Connect the Mail2Cloud platform to your email system journal
  • Replace legacy archive costs with your cloud storage
  • Simplify IT. Make your cloud service the repository for email and files
  • Take your email archiving to the next level by leveraging the powerful cloud storage features you love from your cloud provider
  • Powerful rule based engine can be configured to your business processes
  • Move content from email to your designated cloud storage folder - kick off workflows
  • Advanced rules capable of reading email message & attachment content
  • Replace tedious & error prone manual process with accurate & fast automation

Canon offers security features that can help your business. Many variables can impact the security of your devices and data. Canon does not warrant that the use of its features will prevent malicious attacks, or prevent misuse of devices or data or other security issues. Nothing herein should be construed as legal counsel or regulatory advice concerning customers’ compliance with laws related to privacy and security.

Box is a third party cloud service, and separate subscription is required. Users will be subject to Box terms, conditions and warranties. Neither Canon Inc. nor Canon U.S.A., Inc. represents or warrants any third party product, service or feature referenced hereunder.

MxHero can help companies realize the cost benefits of Box by saving your email content to your Box account rather than in email infrastructure
  1. mxHero allows IT to create policy that automates the moving of email messages and attachments in to your Box account without the need to rely on user behavior.
  2. mxHero can help extend Box savings to messages received, i.e. sent by external parties. E.g. messages sent to the company have attachments moved to Box before impacting the companies network and storage infrastructure. The incoming email no longer contains the files themselves, however links to the files instead.
  3. mxHero can create a bridge between email system journal streams (intended for archiving systems) and your Box account. In so doing, makes an alternative to legacy archiving systems
    1. Legacy systems can cost $20 - $60 user/month.
    2. Box has a great user interface that has:
      1. Mobile capabilities
      2. Previews
      3. Etc.
  4. mxHero enables the intelligent filing of emails (message & attachments) to your Box account, when used together, benefits of Box for files (collaboration, security features, etc.) are now extended to email content, used with mxHero, Box can help replace other email management solutions.
Email Management
Save email to your document storage account with the simplicity of drag and drop. Let powerful auto-filing help save files to the right place.

Inbox Thinning
Too much email? Inbox quota full? Legacy archives a burden? Automatically move email content to your cloud service without disruption.

Email Security Features
Powerful cloud storage & security features can seamlessly and transparently integrated into your email experience.

Email Governance
Apply cloud storage enterprise governance rules from Box, through mxHero, to emails & attachments - archive, retain and hold.
Helps Save Money
Manual management and filing of email can be expensive. Save resources with mxHero’s powerful classification technology that finds, classifies and saves the right messages & attachments to the right places based on your designated settings.

Scale the Business
When business grows, communications get overwhelming.  mxHero’s rapid processing can scale to any volume of email & attachments without additional headcount. Help Reduce Errors Help limit human error through automation. IT configured rules can set classification precision 24/7. 

Email Security Features
  • IT controlled security features, no end user action required.
  • Real-time conversion of attachments to Box links for governed content delivery.
  • Email content stored to Box cloud storage platform with access controls.
  • Proven catalyst to internal Box adoption
  • Box integrated as a uniform email experience across all devices and operating systems.
Helps Save Costs
  • Total Replacement of legacy email archival systems
  • Box advanced file preview embedded in email can help reduce costs of maintaining per employee software needed to view uncommon file types (ex. CAD, AI, etc.)
  • Self-service user archiving
  • Large file transfer through email
  • Revocable attachment delivery
  • Auto-classification and filling of emails based on advanced rules engine across email body and attachment contents




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Canon and mxHero

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