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Canon's DV Messenger2 software features a larger, more user-friendly interface, making it easy to operate. Your on-line experience will be smooth and intuitive.

Canon DV Messenger2 allows you to communicate in some familiar ways and others you may have never tried before. Type instant messages, voice chat, and see exactly who you are talking to. Catch up with friends and family across the country or around the world. Hold a one on one meeting with your business partner. Visit your son or daughter at college as often as you like, without even leaving your home.
A world of control is right at your fingertips. Connect a Canon DV camcorder to your computer's IEEE1394 terminal and get ready for a truly interactive experience. When using the Optura Xi or Optura 300, you have the option of connecting to your computer's USB terminal.

Control the focus and zooming operation of your camcorder, as well as your chat partner's camcorder.

Have an interesting scene on your Mini DV tape you want someone to see? DV Messenger2 allows total access of your camcorder's playback functions (play, stop, fast forward, rewind, pause, etc.). A shuttle control is also provided for fast operation. Of course, you can control the playback of your buddy's camcorder too!

Still images stored on the memory card can also be accessed and shared.

DV Messenger2 makes it possible to share still images stored on your memory card. Your chat partner can preview thumbnails of the images and transfer just the files they choose. As the sender, you can specify which files you would like to share. The status of the file transfer can be checked by both the sender and receiver.

Live video streaming continues even during file transfer, so your chat is never interrupted.

*File transfer is possible with specific Canon models.
When the Optura Xi and Optura 300 models are used, you can take advantage of DV Messenger2's USB Streaming capability. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of DV Messenger2 even if your computer does not have an IEEE1394 DV terminal.
When Canon DV Messenger2 is used with the Optura Xi and Optura 300, it is possible to change your camcorder's mode setting (camera, tape, card), as well your chat partner's camcorder, without even flicking a switch.

*The camcorder must be set to Network Mode.

Specially designed for use with Canon's Optura Xi and Optura 300 camcorders, this feature allows you to access your home camcorder from a remote location, transforming it into a powerful monitoring tool. Whether you are at the office or away on vacation, you can power up or power down your camcorder, view a live video stream, and even capture still images.

*The camcorder must be set to Network Mode.
This feature allows you to capture photos onto your computer from your counterpart's Optura Xi or Optura 300 camcorder. Chose from the following shooting options: Take a single shot at maximum resolution or at 640 X 480
Shoot up to 10 continuous photos
Take multiple photos at the interval of your choice (minimum interval 1 minute)
*The camcorder must be set to Network Mode.

† Prices and specifications subject to change without notice. Actual prices are determined by individual dealers and may vary.

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