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FDJ-S41 Focus Demand

Broadcast Lens Accessories

Item Code: 1822A114AA


The FDJ-S41 focus demand is compatible with the following AF-Equipped field/studio lenses:

  • UJ122x8.2B AF
  • XJ100x9.3 AF
  • XJ86x9.3 AF
  • XJ27x6.5 AF

AF Frame movement stick/AF frame size change knob

  • AF Movement: Use the AF Movement joystick to easily move the AF Frame
  • AF Frame Center Return: Press the joystick to return the AF Frame to the center of the display
  • AF Frame Size: The AF Frame Size change knob can be used to adjust the AF Frame in three steps

AF Mode change-over switch

  • The AF Mode switch has three modes: OFF, FULL TIME, PART TIME
    • OFF: AF Function is not used
    • FULL TIME: Always in AF Mode
    • PART TIME: Starts AF Mode when ACTIVE/HOLD Switch is pressed


  • The function changes as follows, depending on the AF MODE switch selection
    • When AF MODE is PART TIME: AF Mode is ACTIVE when the switch is pressed
    • When AF MODE is FULL TIME: AF Mode is on HOLD when the switched is pressed

Viewfinder display change-over switch

  • The VF Display switch allows users to select the AF Frame and status display on the viewfinder with three modes:
    • OFF: AF Frame and Focus status are not displayed
    • STATUS: Focus Status is displayed
    • ALL: AF Frame and Focus Status are displayed

AF Tracking Adjustment Knob

  • This switch enables adjustment of the AF Response speed
    • Clockwise rotation: Faster AF Response Speed
    • Counterclockwise rotation: Slower AF Response Speed

The FDJ-S41 focus demand features three types of Focus Curve depending on how the focus is being used:

  • FAR MODE: This is the curve in which the focus position of the lens changes less the more the knob is turned toward the INFINITY side, allowing fine adjustments on the infinity side.
  • STANDARD MODE: This is the standard mode where focus position change is in direct relation to the knob operation.
  • NEAR MODE: This focus curve is opposite of FAR MODE, in which the focus position of the lens changes less the more the knob is turned toward the close side, allowing fine adjustments on the close side.

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