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Poster creation made simple

Canon Large Format Media

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Now when you edit text "What You See Is What You Get". The font size you see as you type, will be the same as the size you get when the editing is finished.
Addition of simple operation that can exchange objects in keeping basic layout (lining up etc.), so additional designs can easily be added.
The Auto Design feature combines a Dynamic Layout Engine (an automated layout tool that determines the positioning of elements such as images and text) with built in professional design expertise. This is a combination of the client's design ideas and preferences incorporated into a database of color palettes and templates developed by professional designers. The combination of these two creates a selection of posters with an optimum color scheme and layouts. Users with limited design expertise and/or production skills can easily create high quality posters by harnessing the professional human expertise incorporated into PosterArtist.

After your poster has been fully designed to meet your needs, the Design Check features will make sure there are no design flaws within the poster. Design Check will analyze aspects of the completed poster, such as color schemes, superimposed objects ant font size and alert the user of any potential design issues.

The Security Settings feature provides restrictions on an owner's creative material by incorporating limitations into open templates. Sample images and templates can be registered with PosterArtist to provide security and control over content.

The Page Capture feature gives users the flexibility to send documents from Microsoft® Word®, Excel®, and Adobe® Acrobat® directly into PosterArtist templates. With Pages Capture, documents are brought into a thumbnail screen where the user can drag-and-drop them into PosterArtist 2009. This function provides a simple way to create posters from finished materials.

PosterArtist Quick Copy gives users the ability to enlarge image data scanned with any CanoScan flatbed scanner. Scan-to-print in large-format in just a few simple steps.

Personalize your signage with the Variable Data Printing feature. Link a single poster template to an excel spreadsheet to change names, addresses, and more. Save time and personalize hundreds of poster within a single template.

Edit, retouch and resize images with the touch of a button. Features include Auto Color Correction, Color Adjustment, Backlight Correction, Sharpness Adjustment, Cut Out Function, Logo Color Adjustment, and much more.

  • SUPPORTED Windows Operating Systems:
  • WINDOWS XP(32bit)
  • WINDOWS VISTA(32bit / 64bit)
  • WINDOWS 7(32bit / 64bit)
  • Windows 2000 will not be SUPPORTED.
  • CPU: Intel Core2Duo or More
  • Memory: 2GB or More (XP : 1GB or More)
  • Monitor Resolution: 1024×768 Pixel or more, 24bit Color or More
  • HDD Space: INSTALLATION : Approx.1.5 GB
  • Running this application : 20GB or More
  • In a 64-bit version OS environment, some functions are unavailable.
  • Printers: Canon iPF series/W8400/W6400 (However, not all features may be supported on all printers)

Canon has added the ability to use PosterArtist with other printers including:

  • Oce Printers
  • imageRUNNER Printers
  • Pixma Photo Printers
  • Canon Laser Printers


  • Only some representative models and basic functions were tested
  • Some functions are disabled

To print to a non-iPF printer:

  • Under "Paper Options" menu when a non iPF printer is chosen a "Properties" button appears.
  • When the "Properties" button is clicked the print driver of the specified printer will appear.
  • The user can then choose, size, layout, paper etc directly from the printers own driver.


PosterArtist 2007 Installation Guide License Access Number Application Discs (2): - PosterArtist Software - PosterArtist QuickCopy Software - PosterArtist Template Guide - PosterArtist Quick Start Guide

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