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Canon Supply Technology

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Canon's Consistently Stable (CS) Toner Technology

CS Toner is designed for mid-speed office color copiers and helps create high-quality production level output!

Insulated Air Pressure (IAP) Bottle

The IAP Bottle uses a new technology that enables a steady supply of toner during the printing process. To learn more, click here.

The All-in- One Toner Cartridge

The All-in-One Toner Cartridge Process.

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Supply Technology

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Consistently Stable Toner

For use with Canon Office Color Copiers.

Consistently Stable (CS Toner) Toner was designed with improved toner surface properties to produce stunning consistent and stable color prints. With improved toner durability, stable color quality is maintained throughout a large number of prints. Enhanced melting properties, help deliver proper fixing at high print speeds while maintaining low power consumption. CS Toner shares similar properties as CV toner, helping create high- quality production level output within your mid- speed office color copier.

  • High transfer stability on rough papers
  • Improved toner surface to provide stable and consistent color
  • Energy-saving fusing performance
  • Proper fixing at a high print speed

Consistently Vivid Toner

For use with Canon Color Digital Presses and High-Volume Office Color Copiers.

CV Toner is a highly productive toner designed to produce consistent, vivid and precise image quality from your Canon production model. The surface area on each CV toner particle has been developed to allow for high transfer performance and durability. This results in sharp, precise and clear text and graphics with exceptional color quality during high-speed printing. CV Toner uses the micro-dispersed pigment technology of Canon’s Vivid Toner. This technology helps create vivid and high quality color, meeting the demands of the production market.

  • Optimized melting feature helps contribute to high productivity.
  • Improved outer shell allows for consistent imaging quality.
  • Improved outer shell also contributes to precise high-quality print on different media types.
  • Micro-dispersed pigment technology helps create vivid, color prints.

Vivid Toner

For use with Canon Color Digital Presses.

V Toner is a pulverized color toner with a micro-dispersed structure of wax that allows for oil-less fixing. The optimal heat melting performance in the fixing process helps to produce gloss uniformity in high-speed printing. V Toner has an average particle size of 5.5 microns and, combined with Canon's innovative belt fusing technology, the toner applies smoothly and consistently to media. And since V Toner adopts the micro-dispersed technology of the pigment, it expands the color gamut, which helps to provide high image quality.

  • Micro-dispersed wax structure allows for oil-less fusing
  • Gloss uniformity and optimization
  • Smooth and consistent application
  • Color stability
  • Excellent image quality
  • Wide color gamut

Vivid Toner Clear

For use with select Canon Color Digital Presses.

Clear Toner can create watermarks for security printing and elegant designs. These additional values generate many applications comparable to commercial printing. Clear Toner provides additional value with V Toner performances and realizes various needs from customers.


  • Watermark creation
  • Spot coating for decorative design
  • Enhances V Toner gloss uniformity
  • Adds differentiation and value to output

Pure Quality Toner

For use with Canon Office and Light Production Color Copiers.

Canon pQ Toner was developed for light production and office environments. This toner achieves truly balanced color reproductions as well as consistent image quality and high productivity. pQ Toner includes wax within the toner particle, allowing for oil-less fusing. The pQ Toner resin formula within each particle helps enhance fusing performance, productivity, and gloss quality. Use of this toner with your Canon device also allows for energy savings due to improved fusing performance.

  • Balanced color reproduction
  • Consistent image quality
  • Wax within the toner particle allows for oil-less fusing
  • Resin formula enhances fusing performance
  • Energy-saving fusing performance

Spherical and Synergy Toner

For use with Canon Office Color Copiers.

S Toner has been creating high-quality color copies for the office environment since it first went on the global market in 1998. Since it's a chemically produced, polymerized toner, all particles are uniform in shape and size, helping to create high-quality documents with clean lines. S Toner particles are created by inserting a ball of wax into the center of the toner particle to help create optimum gloss for business color documents without the use of oil.

  • Polymerized toner
  • Core shell structure offers oil-less fusing
  • Spherical shape and size uniformity allow for high-quality images
  • Optimum gloss for business documents

Quick Fixing Toner

For use with Canon mid-speed Black-and-White and Business Color Copiers.

QF Color Toner has enhanced melting characteristics that contribute to the success of the RAPID Fusing System. RAPID Fusing and QF Toner technology allow for the toner to fuse to the paper using less heat energy. Users experience high-quality output while devices use lower pressure and less heat energy, which saves power consumption. RAPID Fusing Systems take less time to heat up; therefore, the devices have quick-starting systems, making it extremely convenient for office environments.

  • Energy saving
  • Oil-less fixing

Defined and Quick Fixing Toner

For use with Canon Black-and-White Office Machines.

Defined & Quick Fixing (DQF Toner) Toner can compare to EF toner for black-and-white single function printers. The binder resin for DQF Toner has been enhanced for highly improved fixing performance. This helps improve print speed and contributes to the reduction of energy consumption, thereby lowering machine unit cost. Minimal curling is achieved due to fixing at low temperature making DQF Toner ideal in high humidity environments.

  • Enhanced binder resin allows for improved fixing performance
  • Energy Saving (due to fusing process at lower temperature)

Precise Output Toner

For use with Canon Black-and-White Digital Presses.

Canon Precise Output (pO) Toner realizes precise output while achieving energy savings due to enhanced fusing performance. The pigment technology currently used with Canon EB Toner provides precise text reproduction and high-quality halftone images. The resin formula allows for improved fusing performance, realizing energy savings for high-speed printing.

  • Energy saving (due to fusing process at lower temperature)
  • Precise text reproduction
  • Creates high-quality halftone images

Exact Black Toner

For use with Canon Black-and-White Digital Presses.

High-end black-and-white digital presses demand high quality and reliability. Canon eB Toner is designed with optimum pigment that's well dispersed within each toner particle. This aids in producing rich, exact black images and text, which are extremely important for on-demand environments. New resin technology is utilized in eB Toner, helping to improve fusing performance and achieve high productivity.

  • Optimum pigment formula produces rich and exact black output
  • Well dispersed pigment creates sharp black images
  • Resin improves fusing performance and productivity

Energy Saving Fine Toner

For use with Canon Black-and-White Office Machines.

Energy Saving Fine Toner is Canon's original on-demand fusing toner. It features low-temperature, quick melting, and firm fixing characteristics. This leads to saving power while on standby, but also reduces the wait time between standby and print mode.

  • On-Demand Printing
  • Energy Saving

High Reliability Toner

For use with Canon High-Speed Black-and-White Copiers.

Canon HR Toner was designed specifically for high-speed black-and-white copiers, which demand excellent stability and consistency. This toner utilizes binder resin technology, resulting in accurate developing performance. It also helps ensure that the last copy of your print job will be the same high quality as your first copy!

  • Achieves high-resolution images in high-speed printing.
  • Excellent stability and quality output
  • Maintains consistency throughout the print job

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