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Supplies - Canon Toner Patents

Canon has a worldwide reputation of being highly innovated and has proven to be a leader in technology. In 2016, Canon was ranked # 3 in the world for the amount of patents awarded by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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Genuine CANON Toner

CANON toner bottles and cartridges are designed specifically for CANON machines. CANON toner is modeled to fit and work correctly in your equipment. Customers should feel secure in using CANON supplies because they are created to be reliable and problem-free!

CANON toner employs patented technology, using extra-fine toner particles to create sharper, cleaner copies with less residue. Only Genuine CANON toner can give you CANON-quality output from your copier. In addition, because of its low residue, jamming of the copier becomes minimized.

Genuine CANON Drums

The patented cleaning blade on Genuine CANON Drums is a CANON-only technology that can mean a lot to the way your copier functions. This translates into optimum performance, directly saving you time and money.

To protect the investment you've made with CANON, we recommend that you only use CANON genuine supplies and parts.