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Canon Color Calibration
The goal of color calibration is to measure and adjust the display device to a known standard, not to adhere to any one individual's perception of what a "good" image looks like. Calibration is of utmost importance in any color-critical environment. Only through calibration can the artistic vision be fully enjoyed.

Calibration Services

Canon USA Inc. is gearing up to provide your business with a comprehensive display color calibration service. Whether you operate in a film, post-production, broadcast, corporate or educational world, our goal is the same: to help ensure image fidelity. Our measurement equipment supports both standard and high dynamic range (HDR) productions and meets industry standard specifications (SMPTE, DCI, ITU).
What You Can Expect

Our Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) certified professionals will travel to your site and help ensure that any calibration is tailored specifically to your viewing environment. During a calibration session, several key image quality elements will be measured: white point, primary and secondary color chromaticity, luminance and gamma. Each attribute will be adjusted to best match the industry standard that fits your production's need. Clients will also be provided with detailed pre- and post-calibration reports – removing ambiguities as to how your display is performing.
Customized Service

By nature, color calibration will vary based on your needs and environment. We understand this concept and have tailored our service to be completely customizable. Canon will offer one-time calibrations, longer-term service contracts and more.
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For more information email: calibration@cusa.canon.com