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Firmware Notice: VB-M40 Firmware 1.2.0


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Firmware Version 1.2.0 incorporates the following improvements and fixes:

  1. Increased security to reduce unauthorized PTZ control.
  2. Fixed an error where the intelligent functions could not be found if the Image Stabilizer is set to [On1].

Firmware Version 1.2.0 contains all of the improvements from previous firmware versions. Firmware Version 1.2.0 is for Network Cameras with firmware version 1.1.2.If you decide to upgrade to Firmware Version 1.2.0, refer to the readme file "Readme-E.txt", and use the following firmware file and upgrade tool:

File TypeFile Name
Read Me Instructions (including change history) Readme-E.txt
Firmware File vbm40v120.bin
Upgrade Tool Version 5 NetworkCameraFWUP.exe
Admin Tools Certificate InstallerAdminToolsCertificate.exe

The firmware contains software modules developed by third parties . The details are available in the download: Readme-E.txt. The Software License for these third party software modules (ThirdPartySoftware-E.pdf) is available in the OpenSource Folder inside the LICENSE folder.

How to Download and Install the Firmware
Download the Firmware for the VB-M40


This information is for residents of the United States and Puerto Rico only. If you do not reside in the USA or Puerto Rico, please contact the Canon Customer Support Center in your region.

Thank you,
Customer Support Operations
Canon U.S.A., Inc

Contact Information for Inquiries
Canon Customer Support Center
Phone:    1-800-OK-CANON
TDD:      1-866-251-3752
Email: carecenter@cits.canon.com
Support options and hours of operation: www.usa.canon.com/support

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