Details - imagePROGRAF Printer Driver Update Software Version 1.10 for Mac OS X v10.6
ID: 0100342602_EN_4
This software is an update program of Mac OS X driver.

How to Download and Install
Run the installer by double-clicking [iPF Driver Update], and follow the instructions on the screen to update the driver.
Driver/Software Details
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By updating the driver, the following failures that occurs with Mac OS X are fixed. 
- When you print data which includes characters, the printer cannot print properly.
- The printer can only print a part of data, or print with corrupted layout.

Modifications from Ver.1.00 to Ver.1.10
1.The criteria of OS version has been changed, so that the program can be applied even when OS is upgraded. 
The following hardware and software are recommended for this printer driver.

Current OS:
     Mac OS X v10.6
- Ver.2.12:  iPF750/iPF755/iPF650/iPF655
- Ver.2.13:  iPF5100/iPF6100/iPF6200
- Ver.2.14:  iPF8100/iPF9100
- Ver.2.15:  iPF6000S/iPF8000S/iPF9000S
- Ver.2.16:  iPF510/iPF610/iPF710/iPF605/iPF720/iPF810/iPF820
- Ver.2.17:  iPF500/iPF5000/iPF600/iPF700/iPF8000/iPF9000
- Ver.2.18:  W6400PG/W6400/W8400PG/W8400
- Ver.2.19:  iPF6300/iPF6350
- Ver.2.20:  iPF8300/iPF8310
- Ver.2.21:  iPF6300/iPF6350
- Ver.2.22:  iPF8300/iPF8310
- Ver.2.30:  iPF6000S/iPF8000S
- Ver.2.40:  iPF815/iPF825
- Ver.2.41:  iPF6300/iPF6350
- Ver.2.42:  iPF8300/iPF8310
- Ver.2.43:  iPF750/iPF755/iPF650/iPF655
- Ver.2.44:  iPF815/iPF825
- Ver.2.50:  iPF6300S/iPF8300S
- Ver.2.51:  iPF6300S/iPF8300S/iPF8310S
- If you have uninstalled and then installed the driver, you need to apply the update program again.
*If you have overwritten the previous version, you don't need to apply it again.
- Administrative right is necessary to apply the update program.
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