Details - iPF8300S imagePROGRAF Print Plug-In for Photoshop & Layout Plug-in Ver.5.21 for Windows x64
ID: 0100512302_EN_1
imagePROGRAF Print Plug-In is a special utility plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, the photo retouching software supplied by Adobe Systems Inc. and Canon Digital Photo Professional, and can be used to customize printing with imagePROGRAF Series printers. imagePROGRAF Layout Plug-In easily creates a layout image where the size and shape of the image has been processed for Gallery wrap by using Adobe Photoshop functions. The created layout image can be Layouted as-is from the imagePROGRAF Print Plug-In for Photoshop.

How to Download and Install
- Refer to the User's Guide for more about the Print Plug-In installation and uninstallation procedures. 
Driver/Software Details
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40.27 MB
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The following hardware and software are recommended for this software.

Operating Systems:
     <Photoshop (CS5/CS5.1)>
       Windows 8 64-bit edition, English edition
       Windows 7 64-bit edition, English edition
       Windows Vista 64-bit edition, English edition
     <Photoshop (CS6)>
       Windows 8 64-bit edition, English edition
       Windows 7 64-bit edition, English edition

     Any computer running the software listed above. 

     Photoshop (CS5/CS5.1/CS6)

Printer Driver:
     Canon imagePROGRAF Printer Driver 2012 Version 4.50 or later
- Before performing the installation, close all the other application software.
  You cannot install with imagePROGRAF Status Monitor running.

- You must log into Windows as an Administrator Before the installation.

- If Photoshop has been installed but not yet started even once, start Photoshop, shut it down, and then install Print Plug-in. Print Plug-In cannot be installed In an environment where Photoshop has been installed but not started even once.
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