Details - iPF6000S Media Configuration Tool Version 3.3106 for Windows
ID: 0200042702_EN_11
Media Configuration Tool is a software utility that registers new media types to the printer and related software according to your choice of paper.

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- For more about installation the procedure, please refer to the manual.
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Modifications from Ver.3.3105 to Ver.3.3106
1.The Glossy Paper/Semi-Glossy Paper listed below have been supported.(Only for US/EU)
 -Glossy Photo Paper 200gsm
 -Satin Photo Paper 200gsm
 -Glossy Photo Paper 240gsm
 -Satin Photo Paper 240gsm
2.It has been improved to reduce the JAM error (paper jam).

Modifications from Ver.3.3104 to Ver.3.3105
1. Media information of Premium Glossy Paper 2 280 and Premium Semi-Glossy Paper 2 280 has been added.

Modifications from Ver.3.31 0303030303 to Ver.3.3104
1. [High Speed] mode compatible media have been added.
2. [Color (Economy)] mode compatible media have been added.
3. Media compatible with [High Speed] and [Color (Economy)] mode have been added.
4. A countermeasure to paper jam due to use of Adhesive Synthetic Paper has been added.
5. "Automatic retraction time" for Newspaper proofing media has been changed.
6. Usability of manual front feed has been improved.

*To use the new function, you need to install the following software and firmware:
    Printer Driver: Ver.4.40
    Firmware: Ver.1.07

Modifications from Ver.3.31 0202020202 to Ver.3.31 0303030303
1. Media information on Glossy Photo Paper HG 170, Semi-Glossy Photo Paper HG 170, Glossy Photo Paper HG 255, and Semi-Glossy Photo Paper HG 255 has been added.

Modifications from Ver.3.31 0202020202 to Ver.3.31 0202020202A
1. The operation on Windows 7 has been confirmed.

Modifications from Ver.3.31 0101010101 to Ver.3.31 0202020202
1. Premium Plain Paper and Premium Plain Paper (for borderless printing) have been supported.

Modifications from Ver.3.31 to Ver.3.31 0101010101
The following additional media below are additionally supported.
1. WorldWide
- Heavyweight GlossyPhoto Paper: Canon Photo PaperPhoto Paper Pro Platinum PT-101
- Back Light Film: Back Light Film HG
- Flame-Resistant Cloth: Flame-Resistant Cloth HG
2. North America
- Art Paper: Polished Rag
- Semi-Glossy Paper: Premium RC Photo Matte

Modifications from Ver.3.30 to Ver.3.31
1. We have fixed the parameter of the minimum color difference in Kyuanos.
The following hardware and software are recommended for this software.

Operating Systems:
     Microsoft Windows 8, English edition
     Microsoft Windows 7, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Server 2008, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Vista, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Server 2003, English edition
     Microsoft Windows XP, English edition
     Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional/Server, English edition

     This printer cannot be used with Microsoft Windows 64-bit edition.

     Any computer running the software listed above.
- You must log into Windows as an Administrator before the installation.

- Before the installation, close all the other application software. You cannot install with imagePROGRAF Status Monitor running.

- Use this MCT to update the media information, and when printing, upgrade the printer firmware to version 1.07 or later.
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