Details - PosterArtist 2009 (Ver.2.10.10) Updater
ID: 0200067702_EN_11
This program is the updater to upgrade PosterArtist 2008 (Ver.2.02.10/Ver.2.02.11) to PosterArtist 2009 (Ver.2.10.10).

How to Download and Install
1) Double-click "pa2.10up.exe" to start the updater.
2) Follow the instructions on the screen to update.
Driver/Software Details
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216.09 MB
File Languages
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Post Date
The functions of PosterArtist will be added/modified as follows.
- The name of the application will be changed to "PosterArtist 2009."
- Design Assist function, which automatically creates design while editing, will be added.
- Quick Exchange function, which exchanges object locations while keeping the layout, will be added.
- Auto Design function will be enhanced.
- Design support tool bar will be added.
- Driver’s Monitor Matching will be supported.
- To prevent going down of performance due to memory consumption, the number of undo operations will be limited to the last 20 times.
- For images with variable printing settings, [Fit to background] setting will be disabled (cannot be set).
- Landscape poster can be output as landscape printing images in Free Layout.
- In the context menu on the artwork list, [Artwork Properties] will be added.
- Performance when images with large sized data are used will be improved.
This updater is intended for upgrading the following versions of PosterArtist.
- PosterArtist Ver.2.02.10
- PosterArtist Ver.2.02.11

If you are using PosterArtist 2007 (Ver.2.00.00/Ver.2.00.01), upgrade it to PosterArtist 2008 first, and then use this program.
Precautions for updating
- Administrator’s authorization is needed to update.
- When running the updater, about 200MB of hard disk is used. Therefore, the system
drive should have more free space than that.
- While running the updater, it may prompt you for the installation CD.
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