Details - PosterArtist 2008 (Ver.2.02.10) Updater
ID: 0200078901_EN_8
This program is the updater to upgrade PosterArtist 2007 (Ver.2.00.00/Ver.2.00.01) to PosterArtist 2008 (Ver.2.02.10).

How to Download and Install
1) Double-click "paupdater.exe" to start the updater.
2) Follow the instructions on the screen to update.
Driver/Software Details
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181.75 MB
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Modifications from PosterAtist 2007 (2.00.00)
* Change the application name to "PosterArtist 2008".
* Improve performance.
* Improve usability.
* 90 days trial use
* Correct the failure that the preview display was changed to portrait type poster when the printer was changed during landscape type poster editing.
* Correct the error that occurred when the date/time data was included at variable print.
* Possible to select clip art. And add WMF, SVC extension for support.
* Correct the failure that cannot start up when oversize is selected for paper size in the driver’s default settings.
* Correct the failure that cannot display correctly when artwork is installed after customized.
* Correct the failure that photo resizing cannot apply.
This updater is intended for upgrading the following versions of PosterArtist.
(1) PosterArtist Ver.2.00.00
(2) PosterArtist Ver.2.00.01
* PosterArtist 2007 Ver.2.00.00 Trial version is excluded.
Precautions for updating
- Administrator’s authorization is needed to update.
- When running the updater, about 200MB of hard disk is used. Therefore, the system
drive should have more free space than that.
- While running the updater, it may prompt you for the installation CD.
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