Details - Custom Installer Creation Tool Ver. 1.10 for Windows
ID: 0200216202_EN_10
This software is a tool for printer administrators to easily build the same printing environment on multiple computers. Administrators can use this software to create an installer (Custom Installer) based on the software and software settings that you want to have installed on each computer. On each computer, the software contained in the Custom Installer is installed and settings such as driver media information and favorites are configured simply by executing this Custom Installer.

How to Download and Install
- When using this software, there is no need to set up after decompressing.
- After decompressing, click [CISetup.exe] and follow the instruction in the screen.
- Please refer to the help(Help\US\html\CICTHelp.html) after decompressing about how to use.
Driver/Software Details
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3.26 MB
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Post Date
Modifications from Ver.1.00 to Ver.1.10
1. Windows 8.1 has been supported.
2. The supported models have been added.
The following hardware and software are recommended for this software.

     Microsoft Windows 10, English edition
     Microsoft Windows 8.1, English edition
     Microsoft Windows 8, English edition
     Microsoft Windows 7, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Vista, English edition
     Microsoft Windows XP, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Server 2008, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Server 2003, English edition

     - This software cannot be used on 64-bit versions of Windows.
       If you are using a 64-bit version of Windows, use the 64-bit version of the Custom Installer Creation Tool.
     - For the Windows OS, use the latest version of Service Pack.

     Any computer running the software listed above
     Recommended free space on hard disk: 200 MB or more

Applicable software:
     imagePROGRAF Printer driver version 4.16 or later
     imagePROGRAF Status Monitor version 25.20 or later
     Printer Driver Optimization Module for AutoCAD version 1.10 or later
- You must be logged into Windows as an Administrator.
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