Details - PhotoStitch 3.1.23 Updater for Windows
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PhotoStitch 3.1.23 Updater for Windows is a software that will update a previously installed version of PhotoStitch to PhotoStitch 3.1.23.

How to Download and Install
1. Download "" from the download page.

2. Double-click "". After decompressing the file, "PSW_UPZ_3_1_23_47_R7_U01_9L" will be created.

3. Double-click "PSW_UPZ_3_1_23_47_R7_U01_9L" to display "PST3123UPD.exe".

4. Double-click "PST3123UPD.exe".

5. Follow the instructions on the screen to perform the installation.
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Changes to PhotoStitch 3.1.23 Updater for Windows

- Supports Windows 8.
1. Supported OSes
Windows 7, Windows 8
*Can also be used on Windows 8.1.

2. Supported PCs
PCs with one of the above OSes installed, that have USB ports installed as standard equipment.

- 1.6 GHz or higher
- Windows 7 / 8 (64-bit): 2 GB or greater
- Windows 7 / 8 (32-bit): 1 GB or greater

3. Installation Requirements
A previous version of PhotoStitch must be installed. 
If a previous version is not installed, have the updater recognize an installation CD that includes PhotoStitch.

1024 x 768 dots or more
PhotoStitch 3.1.23 Updater for Windows is an update program for PhotoStitch and can be used only when:
- Your PC has a previous version of the software installed.
- Your PC has the CD-ROM inserted and recognizes a previous version of the software contained on the CD.
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