Details - Canon Log LUT (look-up table) for Gamma, Canon Log10 to Rec.709 LUT Version 1.0.
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Canon LOG10 to REC.709 LUT version 1.0

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-LUT categorization
Viewing LUT

-Outline of LUT
LUT for conversion from Canon Log gamma to Rec.709 gamma 

-Data explanation
ColumnA data: Input (Canon Log)
ColumnB data: Output (Rec.709)

Input: CanonLog/10bit
Output: Rec709/10bit

LUT Input/Output
Reflectivity (%) : 0     Output (CodeValue) : 64
Reflectivity (%) : 18    Output (CodeValue) : 445
Reflectivity (%) : 90    Output (CodeValue) : 940
When the Canon Log is set on a camera, noise may result in the images shot with that camera even at a low ISO sensitivity. Therefore please perform a trial shooting/editing before actual session.
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