Details - imagePROGRAF Media Configuration Tool Version 7.01 for Windows
ID: 0200372508_EN_1
The imagePROGRAF Media Configuration Tool (hereafter Media Configuration Tool) is a software utility that registers new media types to the printer and related software according to your choice of paper.

How to Download and Install
- You must log into Windows as an Administrator before the installation.

- Before the installation, close all the other application software. 
  You cannot install with imagePROGRAF Status Monitor running.

- If the installation location has changed from the previous installation when reinstalling the Media Configuration Tool, the media information that was used up to that point is deleted.
Driver/Software Details
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The following hardware and software are recommended for this software.

Operating Systems:
     Microsoft Windows 8.1, English edition
     Microsoft Windows 8, English edition
     Microsoft Windows 7, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Server 2008, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Vista, English edition
     Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, English editio
     Microsoft Windows Server 2003, English edition
     Microsoft Windows XP, English edition

     - Not available on 64-bit version of Windows.
     - For the Windows OS, use the latest version of Service Pack.

     Any computer running the software listed above.
- The Media Information Files that can be added using this software are files 
  with the .amx extension.
  Files with the .amf extension that were released prior to 2014 cannot be used.

- In order to use custom paper created using version 5.8 or lower of the 
  imagePROGRAF Media Configuration Tool, the following procedure needs to be 
  This should be performed on all printers where custom paper has been created.

 1. Run the Media Configuration Tool that corresponds to the printer where the 
  custom paper was created.
 2. Click the Add and Edit Custom Paper button, select the printer and then 
  select the custom paper you added in the screen that opens, and then click 
  the Export button to export the corresponding custom paper.
 3. Exit the Media Configuration Tool.
 4. Run this version of the Media Configuration Tool.
 5. After selecting the printer, click Add and Edit Custom Paper in the menu 
  screen, then click the Import button and import the exported custom paper.
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