Details - PhotoStitch 3.2.7 Updater for Mac OS X 10.7
ID: 0200391207_EN_1
Create wide panoramic images from a series of shots taken while moving the camera slightly before each shot.

How to Download and Install
The following procedures explain the process from the creation of software for distribution on sales companies’ download pages through the installation of the software by users. 
1. Download "PSX_UPD_3_2_7_29_U02_9L.dmg.gz" from the download page.

2. Double-click "PSX_UPD_3_2_7_29_U02_9L.dmg.gz".
 After decompressing the file, "PSX_UPD_3_2_7_29_U02_9L.dmg" will be created.

3. Double-click "PSX_UPD_3_2_7_29_U02_9L.dmg".
 The disk image "PSX_UPD_327" will be mounted.

4. Double-click the installer, "PST327UPD" in "PSX_UPD_327".

5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
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Changes to PhotoStitch 3.2.7 Updater for Mac OS X 10.7

- Incorporated fixes for a malfunction where images are merged misaligned after you specified the seams to stitch the images together.
1. Supported OSes
- Mac OS X v10.7
2. Supported PCs
One of the supported OSes listed above must be pre-installed.
- Core 2 Duo or higher

- 2 GB or greater

3. Installation Requirements
A previous version of PhotoStitch must be installed. 
If a previous version is not installed, have the updater recognize an installation CD that includes PhotoStitch.

- 1024 x 768 dots or more
PhotoStitch 3.2.7 Updater for Mac OS X 10.7 is an update program for PhotoStitch and can be used only when:
- Your PC has a previous version of the software installed.
- Your PC has the CD-ROM inserted and recognizes a previous version of the software contained on the CD.
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