Details - MG2400 series (PDF) User Manual (Mac)
ID: 0301168401_EN_3
Instructions on printer functions and software are provided in this PDF manual. It is recommended to download this file if you prefer a hard copy (printed) manual.

How to Download and Install
Double-click the downloaded dmg. file to decompress it.
The manuals (PDF files) for each function are contained in the folder.
Driver/Software Details
File Name
File Version
File Size
6.62 MB
File Languages
Post Date
- Misdescription in Number of continuous copies is corrected.
- Restriction on the print area is added.
- A note on the chronological change of ink is added.

- The incorrect description regarding the paper load limitation have been corrected.
- The incorrect description regarding the aligning the print head position has been corrected.
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