Details - imageCLASS MF4570dn/MF4450 Firmware Update, Modification of the error that, in rare cases, characters on the LCD are displayed larger.
ID: 0400039801_EN_1
You will be asked to enter the product serial number before downloading the firmware. The serial number usually found rear side of the printer.

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Download and Installation Instructions
In the cases where FAX communication becomes inoperable; copy/print images shift to the left; or E196-2000 appears on the LCD, please upgrade the version of system software for the MF printer in accordance with the procedure below.

Please note that this version upgrad clears all User Data. Please be sure to set the Address Book data, One-Touch Dial data, frequently-used telephone numbers and other settings again.

For  Firmware version upgrading, please refer to the UST manual (User Support Tool operation procedure).
Procedure to be followed after this version upgrading work:
1. Turn off the main power switch of MF printer.
2. While holding down the Address Book key on the LCD, turn on the 
main power switch of the printer.
3. In the Region setting screen, select ""AMERICA (120V).""
4. In the Language setting screen, select ""ENGLISH.""
5. Check the packing materials, toner cartridge and media, and then set the date and time according to the instructions displayed on the LCD.
6. Set the Address Book data, One-Touch Dial data, frequently-used telephone numbers and the like."

A critical error may occur if another computer or application communicates  with the printer (for example, printing) while the firmware is being updated.
Do not turn OFF the printer or disconnect the interface cable (USB or LAN cable) while the firmware is being updated. 

* In order to prevent this error:
- Connect either USB cable or LAN cable. (USB cable is recommended, as it is not affected by other computers.) 
- Disconnect the telephone cable from your printer to prevent FAX interruption while firmware update.
- When connecting with a USB cable, do not connect the cable via a USB hub, as this may cause a connection error.
- When the printer is connected with a LAN cable, do not perform printing while the firmware is being updated.
- The printer may need service when a critical error occurs, such as the printer will not function after it has been turned on.

Firmware and instruction files have been compressed.
The following instructions show you how to download the compressed files and decompress them.

1. To download files, click the file link, click [I Agree-Begin Download] , and then input printer serial number to start the file download. 
2. Files are saved on your computer desktop.
3. Double-click the file to mount the Disk Image. 
4. Double-click the mounted Disk Image. 
5. Double-click the Installer file in the folder. Installation starts automatically.
6.Open the decompressed PDF file. Follow this PDF instruction to start the firmware update.
This firmware includes all previous corrections and improvements.
Correction for the following condition:  The unit may restart upon FAX transmission when the Unit Name has been set with specific Japanese character strings in the Fax TX Setting in RUI (Remote User Interface).
Correction for an error that, in rare cases, the language displayed on the LCD defaults to English when the user already set it to another language.
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