Details - iPF510 Firmware Ver.1.42 (Need "Firmware Update Tool" to upgrade)
ID: 0400106702_EN_7
Printer firmware for iPF510.

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Modifications from Ver. 1.41 to Ver.1.42
1. Improve convenience of production

Modifications from Ver.1.40 to Ver.1.41
1. Fix the hung up issue rarely occurs when going into sleep mode.
2. Fix the paper jam with plain paper which rarely happens at the leading edge of roll paper.
3. The problem that the community name setting in SNMP setting was not processed correctly has been fixed.
4. Shutdown timer function has been added.
-Shutdown timer
After the printer goes into Sleep Mode, power will be turned off automatically when the situation that the printer is not operated continues until the time being set in advance by operation panel.
Setup time:OFF/ 5 min./ 10 min./ 30 min./ 1 hour/ 4 hours/ 8 hours*/ 12 hours *Initial value when updating version.

To fix the issue 2., please apply the MCT versions below to the printer and its driver after upgrading the firmware.

Windows 32bit 2.7205
Windows 64bit 2.7205
Mac OS X v10.4-v10.7 2.75
Mac OS X v10.2-v10.3 2.7405

Modifications from Ver.1.36 to Ver.1.40
1. The acquisition of serial number of main body by iWEMC supported
2. The failure of retrieving from sleep mode on rare occasions fixed
3. The failure of inability to print in HP/GL2 printing when file name contains 2-byte character(s) and the second byte is "5C" (back slash) fixed
4. The drive control in printing optimized

Modifications from Ver.1.35 to Ver.1.36
1. In case the nozzles are clogged, formerly you would stop printing and check the printout, and then continue printing by pressing the Online key.  
Now it automatically checks the level of clogging, and if it is possible to print it will continue printing, and if it needs a printhead replacement, it will display a Replace Printhead message.
This modification will greatly improve the workability. 
2. Functions in the HP-GL/2 mode have been improved (speed up).
Install the Firmware Update Tool if it is not installed.
Install the Firmware Update Tool if it is not installed.
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