Details - iPF815/iPF825 Firmware Ver.1.23 (Need "Firmware Update Tool" to upgrade)
ID: 0400107702_EN_10
Printer firmware for iPF815/iPF825.

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Modifications from Ver. 1.22 to Ver.1.23
1. Improvement has been implemented for productivity enhancement.

Modifications from Ver.1.21 to Ver.1.22
1. Modified the failure that sometimes occurs printing dust on plain paper (High grade).

Modifications from Ver.1.12 to Ver.1.21
1. Following improvement was implemented for HP-GL/2 print function. HP-GL/2. 
- Priority of HP-GL/2 process task was optimized. 
- Printing failure due to HP-GL/2 data dividing and combining was modified.
- The failure occurs at printing large amount of HP-GL/2 data was modified.
- Warning display error that occasionally occurs during long time intermittent printing was modified.
- Printing failure which occurs to have non-printed area, when printing in particular HP-RTL data, was modified.
- Solid black printing when communication is disconnected during HP-RTL data printing was modified.
2. The failure which restarts right after power is on when accessing printers through RemoteUI or IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) was modified.
3. Panel display error was modified.
4. The failure which stops access mediation function when using accounting function in status monitor was modified.

Modifications from Ver.1.08 to Ver.1.12
1. The functions of HP-GL/2 have been enhanced and improved.
The followings show the configuration settings added to the menu of HP-GL/2 on the operation panel of the printer.
- Oversize: Sets the positions of the margins.
- Print centered: Sets the printing position on the paper.
- Enlarge/Reduce: Sets the enlargement or reduction.
- Ln wdth correct: Corrects the width of lines. (The basic line width is set using the Pen Setup function)
- Detect img size: Sets the method for selecting the rendering region.
Along with the addition of the settings above, functions of [PageSizeProcess1] and [PageSizeProcess2] have been deleted.

Modifications from Ver.1.04 to Ver.1.08
1. The problem that the community name setting in SNMP setting was not processed correctly has been fixed.
2. Shutdown timer function has been added.
-Shutdown timer
After the printer goes into Sleep Mode, power will be turned off automatically when the situation that the printer is not operated continues until the time being set in advance by operation panel.
Setup time:OFF/ 5 min./ 10 min./ 30 min./ 1 hour/ 4 hours/ 8 hours*/ 12 hours *Initial value when updating version.

Modifications from Ver.1.00/Ver.1.01 to Ver.1.04
1. The fairly infrequent failure of printer not being able to retrieve from sleep mode properly has been fixed.
Install the Firmware Update Tool if it is not installed.
Install the Firmware Update Tool if it is not installed.
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