Details - iPF6300/iPF6350 Firmware Ver.1.25 (Need "Firmware Update Tool" to upgrade)
ID: 0400108302_EN_8
Printer firmware for iPF6300/iPF6350.

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Modifications from Ver.1.24 to Ver.1.25
1. The control of waste ink has been improved.
2. Optimized error detection sequence of printer.

Modifications from Ver.1.23 to Ver.1.24
1. Optimized the print head control.
2. The problem that the community name setting in SNMP setting was not processed correctly has been fixed.
3. Fixed the issue that the illustration of the release lever is displayed on LCD even though it does not exist.

Modifications from Ver.1.21 to Ver.1.23
1. The control of waste ink has been optimized.
2. The infrequent failure that a job sent during transition to sleep mode might be cancelled has been fixed.
3. The fairly infrequent failure of printer not retrieving from sleep mode has been fixed.

Modifications from Ver.1.20 to Ver.1.21
1. Change of specifications of printer color calibration
   * This modification requires application of "MIF version 000500000000 or later" released
2. The failure of user password settings in RemoteUI has been fixed.

Modifications from Ver.1.08 to Ver.1.20
1. Improved display of remaining time of printing

Modifications from Ver.1.05 to Ver.1.08
1. The failure that printer might not retrieve from sleep mode in rare cases has been fixed.

Modifications from Ver.1.03 to Ver.1.05
1. The problem that the number of days after printhead installation might be incorrect at the first installation has been fixed.
Install the Firmware Update Tool if it is not installed.
Install the Firmware Update Tool if it is not installed.
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