Details - Canon VIXIA mini/LEGRIA mini, Firmware Version [Mac OS X]
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Firmware Version incorporates the following improvements.

1. Remote viewing function has been added when using the CameraAccess plus smartphone app, with the optional CT-V1 Camera Pan Table.
 *note: The CameraAccess plus app is available free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Information on how to use the remote viewing function is available from the PIXELA Web site.
2. Shortens the time between turning the camcorder on and being able to start recording.
3. In order to prevent inadvertently switching to playback mode while recording, the following improvements have been made:
 o The playback button must be pressed for half a second or more in order to access the playback mode.
 o The playback button has now been disabled while the camcorder is recording, in order to prevent inadvertently switching modes.
4.  Quick access to the photo playback index screen, by holding down the playback button, has been added.
5.  Photo playback has been added to SP-V1 mode.
6.  In the Shooting Mode menu, the "Macro" option is now listed above "Auto" for improved ease of use.

Firmware Version is for camcorders with firmware Version If the camcorder's firmware is already Version, it is not necessary to update the firmware.
Once you have updated your camcorder’s firmware, it cannot be downgraded to a previous version. 

Preparations for the firmware update:
After the firmware update has been performed, the camcorder’s settings will be reset. It is recommended that users make a note of the settings they use and then set these preferences again once the update has been completed. For details on how to change the camcorder’s settings, please refer to the instruction manual (PDF).

The downloaded firmware folder contains the firmware (File Name: VJF1.FIM, File Size: 30,542,720 bytes) and a procedure manual for updating the firmware (Five PDF files: Japanese, English, French, Spanish and Simplified Chinese). Please check the firmware update procedure manual carefully before starting update operations.

The following items are required to perform this firmware update:
1. An VIXIA mini/LEGRIA mini camcorder
2. A computer (OS: Mac OS X)
   OS Requirements: Mac OS X (10.7-10.9)
3. A 32 MB or higher-capacity microSD memory card or a microSDHC/microSDXC memory card (commercially available)
4. A microSD card reader-writer (commercially available) or a microSD card slot on the computer. If using a microSDXC memory card, this will only work with a device that is compatible with the microSDXC standard.
5. A fully-charged, dedicated battery pack for the camcorder.
6. The firmware (the file downloaded from the Canon Web site)

Q1: What are the changes in Firmware Version
1. Support has been added for the CameraAccess plus app that enables the use of the optional CT-V1 Camera Pan Table and remote viewing using the camcorder.
This will enable live streaming for both monitoring from home and monitoring while out.
2. Decreases the time between turning the camcorder on and being able to start recording.
Until now, it took the camcorder around 9 seconds to be able to record or take a photo after turning on. This has now been shortened to around 5 seconds.
3. The camcorder will only switch between recording mode and playback mode if the playback button is held down for half a second or more.
 Requiring the button to be held down is a measure to prevent inadvertent operations.Furthermore, the playback button is disabled while the camcorder is recording.This change ensures that recording will not be stopped if the playback button is inadvertently touched while recording a movie.
4. Holding down the playback button after taking a photo will now take you to the photo playback index screen.
Until now, pressing the playback button after taking a photo would open the movie index screen, meaning it was necessary to switch to the photo index screen from the home menu. The playback screen shown will now match the type of media taken; the movie index screen will be shown after shooting a movie and the photo index screen will be shown after taking a photo.
5. You can now view a photo you have taken when using the optional SP-V1 Splashproof Case.
Previously, taking a photo and then trying to review it when in SP-V1 mode would result in the most recently recorded movie being played back.
6.  The Macro option in the Shooting Mode menu has been placed above Auto to make it easier to set.
Some users did not realize that there was a Macro mode for taking close up movies and photos. To address this, this option has been placed in a more noticeable and accessible position. 

Q2: How can I carry out a firmware update?
Please download the most recent firmware from the Canon Web site and follow the procedure shown on the Web page to install it.
Downloads are not available as your browser JavaScript setting is disabled. Please enable your browser JavaScript setting to download the file.