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EOS Capture 1.5 is software exclusively for EOS Digital cameras that enables you to control the camera from your computer using the remote shooting function with the timer or interval timer, or to specify the camera settings.
EOS Digital users can install EOS Capture 1.5 by this EOS Capture 1.5 for Mac OS X.
1. This software is exclusively for Mac OS X (10.2 - 10.4).
2. Though EOS Capture 1.5 for Mac OS X is installed separately, it is used as a part of the following software.
- ImageBrowser 5.2.1 or later
- EOS Viewer Utility 1.2.0 or later
- Digital Photo Professional 2.0.2 or later *
For this reason, when installing EOS Capture 1.5, one of the applications above must be installed as well. 
You can also download updates for these applications separately.
* Please note that EOS Viewer Utility does not support EOS Kiss Digital N/EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT/EOS 350D DIGITAL, EOS 5D, or EOS 1-D Mark II N.
The following features in EOS Capture 1.5 have been changed from EOS Capture 1.3.
1. The EOS 5D and EOS 1-D Mark II N have been newly added to the supported models.
2. As for Mac OS, OS X (versions 10.2. to 10.4) are supported, but a version 10.1.5 is no longer supported.
Downloading and installing the software
Please refer to the following instructions on how to download and install the software.
The download file is saved as a disk image file.
1. Click the file at the bottom of this page to start downloading. 
2. Once the download is finished, the downloaded file [EC150X.dmg] extracts automatically. Then the disk icon [EOS Capture] will appear on the desktop, and then it will open automatically. 
If the file [EC150X.dmg] does not extract automatically, double-click the [EC150X.dmg]. Also, if the icon [EOS Capture] will not open automatically, double-click the [EOS Capture].
3. Double-click the icon [EOS Capture Installer] to start the installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
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