Details - Remote Capture 2.7.4R2 for Mac OS X
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Download and Installation Instructions
RemoteCapture 2.7.4R2 enables you to control your camera to capture images directly from your computer.
EOS-1D Users:
RemoteCapture 2.7.4R2 operates only with the latest firmware for the EOS 1D. If your firmware is an earlier version, you will need to update it to the latest version. 
Please browse the BeBit site ( for information regarding the latest firmware for the EOS-1D (Ver. 1.4.0: July 30, 2002).
If you are using a version of RemoteCapture that came with the CD bundled with your camera, the message [The following software has already been installed -RemoteCapture] will be displayed. In this case, the installation may fail the installation. Please uninstall RemoteCapture and then replace it with this version.
Changes from the previous versions of RemoteCapture (2.7.0/2.7.1/2.7.2/2.7.3/2.7.4) are as follows.
- The frequency of communication error when using the EOS-1D/EOS-1Ds with RemoteCapture has been reduced.
- To prevent a computer hang-ups in dual-processor machine in particular caused by unplugging the cable when shooting with RemoteCapture.
How to check the version of RemoteCapture 2.7.4R2
Follow the instructions below to check the version of RemoteCapture.
1. Start RemoteCapture and click [RemoteCapture] menu and [About RemoteCapture].
2. In the information display, if the version of [FWDslr_x.bundle] is [], you have RemoteCapture 2.7.4R2 on your computer. If [], you have an earlier version, RemoteCapture 2.7.4.
Download and Installation
Follow the procedures below to download and install the software.
The download file is saved as a compressed file (StuffIt). 
1. Click the file below to start downloading it. 
2. When download is complete, extract the downloaded file by using a data-compression utility such as "StuffIt Expander." The [RemoteCapture2.7.4R2] folder will appear.
3. Double-click the [RemoteCapture2.7.4R2] folder and then the [RemoteCapture] folder inside it.
4. Double-click the [RemoteCapture] folder and then the [English] folder inside it.
5. Double-click the [RemoteCapture Installer] icon to start the installer.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
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