Details - Raw Image Converter Ver.2.0.2 for Windows
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Download and Installation Instructions
This software converts the images taken as RAW images that are copied to any drive.
Supported OS: Windows98, Windows2000, WindowsMe, WindowsXP
If the previous version of the software is installed, uninstall it before you start installing the software.
If you are using EOS-1D, please update the firmware for the latest version. 
This software operates only with the latest firmware for EOS 1D.
Please see the BeBit site regarding the latest firmware for EOS-1D (Ver. 1.4.0: July 30, 2002).
Download Procedure
Follow the procedures below to download.
The driver is saved as a self-extracting compressed file. 
1. Clicking the file that you wish to download at the bottom of this page will open the [Download File] Wizard, then click [OK]. 
2. After specifying the installation destination (ex. Desktop), click [Save].
The identical name file (formatted in .exe) will be downloaded where you specified. 
3. Double-clicking the downloaded file will start the wizard. Click [Unzip] to start extracting. 
The identical name folder will be created at the same location as the downloaded file. 
4. Click [OK] when the extracting complete message appeared, and then close the wizard. 
5. Double-click the newly created folder, and then double-click the [English] folder in it.
6. Double-clicking the [Setup.exe] in the folder will start the installation.
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