- DV WIA Driver 6.4.8 for Windows Me
: 0900053701_EN_1

  • Windows Me
5.49 MB
Downloading and Installing the driver
- Refer to the following instructions to download the driver.
- The driver is saved as a self-extracting, compressed file and it will be installed automatically.
1. Click the download file at the bottom of this page, and then click [Save] in the [Download File] dialog box that appears. 
* When you click [Open] in this dialog box, the subsequent process up to step 4 will be performed automatically.
2. Specify the download destination (e.g. Desktop), and then click [Save]. 
The file will be downloaded to the destination you specified in .exe format.
3. Double-click the downloaded file. The contents of the file will be extracted automatically.
4. When the extraction is complete, installation will start automatically.
Please refer to the [Installing the Digital Video Software] section in the Digital Video Software Instruction Manual supplied with your camera for information on how to complete the driver's installation. 
If the installation is canceled before completion
If the installation is canceled, the temporary folder created during extraction will disapear. Restart the installation from step 3 above if you wish to install the driver again. If you clicked [Open] instead of saving the downloaded file in step 1, and also canceled the installation before it was complete, download the file again and perform the process described above from the beginning.