Details - TWAIN Driver Ver.5.0.3 for Windows 98/2000
ID: 0900055101_EN_1

Driver/Software Details
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6.32 MB
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Download and Installation Instructions
Download Procedures
Perform the procedures below. 
The driver is saved as a self-extracting compressed file.
1. In the [Download File] Wizard that appears by clicking the file name below, click [OK]. 
2. Specify the download destination (ex. Desktop) and click [Save]. 
The file with the identical name to the one downloaded (formatted as .exe) will be saved where you specified.
3. Double-clicking the file will start the wizard. Click the [Unzip] button to start extracting.
Once the compressed file is extracted, a new folder with the same name will be created at the same location.
4. Click [OK] when the extracting complete message appears, then close the wizard. 
5. Double-click to open the newly created folder, then double-click the [ENGLISH] folder in it.
6. Double-click the [Setup.exe] in the folder to start the driver installation.
To complete the driver installation, please see "Installing the TWAIN Driver" in the Software Instructions Manual supplied with your camcorder.
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