Details - PhotoRecord 2.0.0c Updater for PhotoRecord 1.x (Windows)
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Download and Installation Instructions
This software updates PhotoRecord 1.x to PhotoRecord 2.0.0c.
1. New user interface has been created to help beginners intuitively create albums.
2. A booklet album can be created.
3. Various background styles and photo frames have been added for more colorful and expressive albums.
4. In addition to Auto/Manual Layout, a Fixed Layout function for arranging photos at specified positions is now available, so that various layouts can be created.
1. This update requires that a previous version of PhotoRecord 1.x be installed on your computer already.
2. PhotoRecord 2.0.0c works with ZoomBrowser EX 4.5 or later. (ZoomBrowser EX 4.5.1a can be downloaded separately.)
3. Windows 95 is not supported in PhotoRecord 2.0.0c, though it is supported in PhotoRecord 1.x.
Windows 95 users cannot update to PhotoRecord 2.0.0c. 
4. In printing in the index format (printing a Contact Sheet album), Exif information to be printed differs according to the camera used.
Download and Installation
Confirm that PhotoRecord 1.x is already installed on your computer.
The file to be downloaded is saved as a self-extracting compressed file.
Before launching the Updater, exit all other applications.
1. Click the download file below. 
When a dialog box appears, specify the download destination (ex. Desktop) and click [Save] to start downloading. 
Remember the destination you specified -- you will need to be able to locate the downloaded file to complete the next step.
2. Double-click the downloaded file to start the wizard. Click the [Unzip] button to extract the compressed files.
Once the compressed files are extracted, a new folder will be created in the same location.
3. When the message [1 file(s) unzipped successfully] appears, click [OK] to close the wizard. 
4. Double-click the newly created folder and the [pr200up2.exe] file inside.
The installer will start automatically.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
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