Details - PhotoRecord 2.0.0c Updater for PhotoRecord 2.0 (Windows)
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Download and Installation Instructions
This software updates PhotoRecord 2.0.0x to PhotoRecord 2.0.0c.
New backgrounds, photo frames, text frames, and clipart have been added.
1. This update requires that PhotoRecord 2.0.0/2.0.0a/2.0.0b be installed on your computer already.
2. After performing the update, the README version changes to [2.0.0c], though the application version itself is not changed.
How to open the "README" file
Open the folders/file in the following order:
[Start] - [Program]/[All Programs] - [Canon PhotoRecord] - [PhotoRecord README]
Download and Installation
Confirm that PhotoRecord 2.0.0x is already installed on your computer.
The file to be downloaded is saved as a self-extracting compressed file.
Before launching the Updater, exit all other applications.
1. Click the download file below. 
When a dialog box appears, specify the download destination (ex. Desktop) and click [Save] to start downloading. 
Remember the destination you specified -- you will need to be able to locate the downloaded file to complete the next step.
2. Double-click the downloaded file to start the wizard. Click the [Unzip] button to extract the compressed files.
Once the compressed files are extracted, a new folder will be created in the same location.
3. When the message [1 file(s) unzipped successfully] appears, click [OK] to close the wizard. 
4. Double-click the newly created folder and the [PR20CUPD.exe] file inside.
The installer will start automatically.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
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