Details - MultiPASS F20 MultiPASS Suite Ver.430a Updater for Windows XP
ID: 0900201001_EN_1

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Download and Installation Instructions

This update is designed to improve the overall performance of your MultiPASS on Windows XP. If you are using your MultiPASS F20 on a Windows XP computer, then it is highly recommended that you install this update. If your MultiPASS was packaged with a red CD-ROM labeled MultiPASS Suite Version 4.30a, this update is not required.
To use this file, download the file to your Windows desktop. Then run or double-click the file. This file will extract and then automatically update the necessary MultiPASS Suite 4.30 files.

Download and Installation procedures

1. To download files, click the file link, select [Save], and specify the directory where you want to save the file.
The download will start automatically.

2. Double-click the MP430XPUpdate.exe file to start installation.
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