Details - MP Driver Ver. 5.1 Updater (Windows 2000)
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Download and Installation Instructions
This software is an update module to be used to countermeasure the issue below.
("After Windows Update, when printing text in grayscale mode black letters will not be printed on the paper.")

SUPPORTED OS:Windows 2000

1. Confirm that the devise driver of the model in use has been installed.
When installing this module, close the Canon BJ status monitor. 
Besides, disable the resident antivirus software as well.

2. Double-click the execution file (mp5.1U-prn.exe file) in the folder. 
Canon MFP Updater will start.

3. When the installation finished successfully, the message “Finished successfully. Restart your PC.” will appear. Click “OK” to restart the computer.
- If you click “NO,” the message “Please Restart the PC later” will appear.
In this case, make sure to restart your computer later in order to activate Updater.
- If the message “No need to update this system” appears, click “OK” to stop installing.
This means that it is not necessary to install this Updater.

4. After re-starting you computer, please check the version of the printer driver according to the procedures below.
4-1. Select [Settings] - [Printers] from the Start menu.
4-2. Right-click the printer icon "Canon MP xxx (model name) Printer" of the model in use, and select [Properties].
4-3. Select [Printing Preferences] in the Properties window.
4-4. Select [About] in the Printing Preferences window.
4-5. The window of About will appear. Check the "version number" on the 3rd line from the top.
If the version number is the same as the value of "After Using Updater", Updater can be used.

After Using Updater:1.73dME01
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