Details - ImageBrowser 2.7 Updater for Mac OS 8
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Download and Installation Instructions
This ImageBrowser 2.7 Updater updates the previous version of ImageBrowser installed on your computer to Version 2.7.
This update requires the original CD-ROM including ImageBrowser, which was supplied with your camcorder or connection kit. 
This software is exclusively for Mac OS 8. 
If you use Mac OS 9, please check "ImageBrowser 3.5.2 Updater for Mac OS 9." For the users of Mac OS X or later, please check "for Mac OS X."
Download and Install procedures
Follow the procedures below to download the update.
The update is saved as a self-extracting compressed file (Stuffit format). 
1. Click the download file below to start downloading. 
2. Once the download has been completed, file extraction starts automatically.
It may not extract automatically depending on your browser or your computer settings. 
If this happens, double-click the downloaded file, specify the download destination and folder name, and then click [Save] to start the extraction process.
3. Double-click the newly created [English] folder to open it, and then double-click the [ImageBrowser Installer] to start the installer.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
Downloads are not available as your browser JavaScript setting is disabled. Please enable your browser JavaScript setting to download the file.