Details - Temporary Attribute Correction Utility for Windows
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This software removes temporary attributes from image files in which they are embedded.
Temporary attributes are one of file attributes defined for use in Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP systems.
Some versions of the applications that come bundled with Canon products (i.e., ZoomBrowser EX, File Viewer Utility, and RemoteCapture) were designed to attach temporary attributes to image files imported from a camera via CameraWindow or via a card reader. From now on, these applications will not attach these attributes to these files. This software is being released to remove temporary attributes from image files in which temporary attributes were embedded with previous versions of these applications.
The following applications are known to attach temporary attributes to image files:
ZoomBrowser EX, versions 4.1.0/4.1.1/4.1.2/4.5.0
CameraWindow 4.5.1 in ZoomBrowser EX 4.5.1 
File Viewer Utility, versions 1.2.0/1.2.1/1.2.2/1.3.0/1.3.1
RemoteCapture, versions 2.7.0/2.7.1/2.7.2/2.7.3/2.7.4
*1: When images are imported via CameraWindow, temporary attributes are added to the image files.
Download and Installation
The file to be downloaded is saved as a self-extracting compressed file.
1. Click the download file below. 
When the dialog box appears, specify the download destination (ex. Desktop) and click [Save] to start downloading. 
Remember the destination you specified -- you will need to be able to locate the downloaded file to complete the next step.
2. Double-click the downloaded file [UFA_EN.exe] when a dialog box appears. Click the [Unzip] button to extract the compressed files.
Once the compressed files are extracted, a new folder named [UFA_EN] will be created in the same location.
3. When the message [1 file(s) unzipped successfully] appears, click [OK] to close the dialog box. 
4. Double-click the newly created [UFA_EN] folder and the [UpdFAttr.exe] file inside.
The [Installation Folder] dialog box will appear.
Click [Finish] to complete the file installation, and then the Utility software [UpdateFileAttr.exe] will display [Welcome to UpdateFileAttr]. 
Follow the on-screen instructions to use the software.
1. Before launching this utility, exit all other applications that might be using your image files. This utility cannot remove temporary attributes from image files that are being used by other applications.
2. During 
Download and Installation
, the file extraction processes will be done twice: when the [UFA_EN.exe] file is run (first) and when the [UpdateFileAttr.exe] file is run (second). After the second extraction, two files, [UpdateFileAttr.exe] and [pscParse.dll], will be created.
3. When this utility is no longer necessary, delete both the downloaded and extracted files from your system.
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