Details - ZoomBrowser EX Ver. 5.7.0 Updater (Windows XP/2000/Me/98)
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This software will update ZoomBrowser EX 2.x/3.x/4.x/5.x to ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0.

System requirements
ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0 runs on Windows 98 Second Edition (SE), Windows Me, Windows 2000 (SP4), and Windows XP (including SP1, SP2).
This software does not support Windows 98 (except for Windows 98 SE).
If you are running Windows 98, please use ZoomBrowser EX 4.6.1a Updater, which can be downloaded separately.


If you are using ZoomBrowser EX 2.x/3.x, please check the following things.

1. To update to ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0, ZoomBrowser EX 2.x or 3.x needs to be installed on your computer.
2. Conversion of the database files
Before using ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0 for the first time, you need to convert the database files used in previous versions to the database files for ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0.
If you use ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0 without performing this conversion, the titles, comments, and sound-annotation information added in the previous versions will be lost.
To convert database files, refer to step 4 in the "Download and Installation" instructions on this page.
3. Restriction on folders under the Program Files folder
ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0 is designed not to display folders under [Program Files], and ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0 cannot read any images that may have been saved in the [Image Library One] folder (the default behavior in ZoomBrowser EX 2.x/3.x).
In order to view these files, please use Windows Explorer to relocate them from [Image Library One] to a destination outside of the [Program Files] directory.
Be sure to relocate these files after converting the database files.
4. RAW Image Converter 1.x.
RAW Image Converter 1.x. will not start from ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0, unlike in ZoomBrowser EX 2.x/3.x.
Please start RAW Image Converter from the Start menu when converting RAW images, or by installing the File Viewer Utility.
5. ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0 does not come with a TWAIN interface.
Please import images directly to your computer from ZoomBrowser EX.
6. Windows Meta File and FlashPix are no longer supported.
7. The following functions have been removed.
    7-1. Time Tunnel viewer
    7-2. 360-degree viewer for panoramic images
    7-3. Displaying the camera owner's name in slideshows

Download and Installation

Before installation, confirm that ZoomBrowser EX 2.x, 3.x, or 4.x has been installed on your computer.

1. Click the download file at the bottom of this page.
In the download file dialog box that appears, specify a destination to save the file (e.g. desktop) and then click [Save].
Please remember the location of the file as it is to be used in the next step.
2. Double-click the downloaded file.
The updater's Installation wizard appears.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
3. When a message that prompts you to restart your computer appears, restart the computer.
When updating ZoomBrowser EX from ZoomBrowser EX 4.x, this completes the installation.
When updating ZoomBrowser EX from ZoomBrowser EX 2.x or 3.x, please proceed to the next steps (steps 4 and 5).
4. Converting database files
   4-1. Open the [Program] folder under the folder where ZoomBrowser EX 5.7.0 is installed.
   4-2. Double-click the [dbconverter.exe] file in the [Program] folder.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the conversion.
5. Relocating the image files
Use Windows Explorer to relocate image files from [Image Library One] to a destination outside the [Program Files] directory.
Be sure to relocate the image files in the [Image Library One] folder after converting the database files.

Downloads are not available as your browser JavaScript setting is disabled. Please enable your browser JavaScript setting to download the file.