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ImageBrowser v3.0.4 Updater for MacOSX
The ImageBrowser 3.0.4 Updater for Mac OS X will update ImageBrowser. This version includes some general bug fixes, bug fixes with Mac OS X 10.2 and support for the Canon digital cameras listed below.
Once ImageBrowser is updated to version 3.0.4, it will not be compatible with earlier versions of RemoteCapture. Please click here for the latest version of RemoteCapture.
This updater is still available for users that: 
- did not have Mac OS X software included on their Canon Software CD. 
- have a new Macintosh computer that does not boot into Mac OS 9. 
The ImageBrowser 3.0.4 Updater for Mac OS X will check for the Canon Software CD during install. The new ImageBrowser 3.5.2R2 Updater no longer uses the Canon CD, but checks your computer for a prior install of ImageBrowser to update from. If you have a new computer that does NOT boot into Mac OS 9, you will not be able install the OS 9 Canon software for the new updater to recognize. Therefore, install the ImageBrowser 3.0.4 Updater for Mac OS X first, then install the ImageBrowser 3.5.2R2 Updater for Mac OS X. 
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1) Which versions of ImageBrowser can be updated?
The ImageBrowser 3.0.4 Mac OS X Updater will update earlier versions of ImageBrowser. Additionally, PowerShot Browser versions 1.0 and 1.1 can also be updated to ImageBrowser 3.0.4. 
2) Installation 
This updater requires: 
- Mac OS X 10.1 or 10.2
- Your original Canon Software CD (containing ImageBrowser or PowerShot Browser)
1. Boot your computer using Mac OS X 10.1 or 10.2. 
2. Log in as the user who has administrator privileges. 
3. Double click the ImageBrowser Installer file. 
4. You will be prompted to insert your original Canon Software CD. 
5. Click Start to begin the installation. Follow the on-screen prompts. 
3) Bug Fixes
The below problem with ImageBrowser 2.7 and Mac OS X 10.2 has been fixed:
In the ImageBrowser's Browser Window, it is not possible to move a file to a folder with a double-byte (ex. Japanese language) name. If this is attempted, the file is moved to the next higher folder hierarchy, and the file name changes to an unrecognizable name.
The below problem when printing from ImageBrowser 2.7 on Mac OS X 10.2 has been fixed:
- If text is overlayed on the image, a white border surrounding the characters may appear when printed.
- In the Print dialog window, when Layout is selected, and then Double Thin Line, the Print Preview image and the actually printed image may differ.
Whether application software can be started from ImageBrowser's menu or not dependes on the application software and the version of Mac OS X.
4) We also maintain a web page with Mac OS X Compatibility information available here. 
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