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ImageBrowser v3.6.0 Updater for MacOSX
The ImageBrowser 3.6.0 Updater for Mac OS X will update ImageBrowser to v3.6.0.
This version includes: 
1. Functional Improvements 
A. Changes from ImageBrowser 3.5.2 to ImageBrowser 3.6.0 
Added Mac OS X 10.3 compatibility
- The function for setting the color of folder labels does not work in ImageBrowsers 3.6.0.
- ImageBrowser 3.6.0 does not support network volumes. (Please use the Finder’s server-connection function.)
MovieEdit Task is newly included in this version, which makes it easy to edit movies taken by Canon cameras.
: MovieEdit Task can only be guaranteed to work with movie files taken by Canon digital cameras or digital video cameras that are taken as Motion JPEG-format AVI files or MPEG-4 files. 
B. Changes from ImageBrowser 3.0 to ImageBrowser 3.5.2. 
Added function to display shooting information and histograms in preview mode. 
Image-export function added (all-at-once resizing/renaming, shooting information export) 
RemoteCapture included as a Task 
Added a function that makes it possible to specify the size of JPEG, BMP, PICT, and TIFF images that do not conform to the DCF format and transfer them to the camera. 
2. Quality Improvements 
A. Changes from ImageBrowser 3.5.2 
Fixed the problem caused by the Save to Camera button becoming enabled when the camera contains only movie files or RAW images and the Print Settings (DPOF) are changed to either Index Prints or Both (Standard/Index). 
Fixed the problem of images to be sent as e-mail attachments being sent to the mail application even if the resulting compressed file is bigger than the original. 
Fixed the content of ImageBrowser Help. 
B. Changes from ImageBrowser 3.0/3.5.1. 
Fixed the problem of not being able to print grayscale images in ImageBrowser 3.0. 
Which versions of ImageBrowser can be updated?
The ImageBrowser 3.6.0 Updater for Mac OS X will update earlier installed versions of ImageBrowser. Additionally, installed PowerShot Browser versions 1.0 and 1.1 can also be updated to ImageBrowser 3.6.0. 
This updater requires 
- Mac OS X 10.1/10.2/10.3 
- A previously installed version of ImageBrowser or PowerShot Browser. 
1. Download the ImageBrowser 3.6.0 Updater file for Mac OS X 
2. Double-click the downloaded file to expand it. This may happen automatically. 
3. Double click "Update Installer" in the "IBX360XUpdater / English" folder. 
4. Follow the on-screen instructions and prompts. 
(16.4 MB) 
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