Details - WIA Driver 6.4.0 R3 for Windows XP
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Download and Installation Instructions
This driver is PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) compliant the WIA driver for Windows XP made by Canon.
- The problem wherein uninstallation was not performed properly has been fixed.
If you connect your camera to the Computer (OS: Windows XP) with a USB cable, it is not necessary to install the driver as your camera supports PTP and the standard driver of Windows XP.
However, there are some limitations as follows.
In this case, you need to download "Canon Camera WIA Driver 6.4.0 for Windows XP" below.
1. When a camera with a lot of images inside is connected and if you want to download images to your computer using Windows Explorer or [Cameras and Scanners Wizard], it may take a lot of time before starting to show thumbnails or starting the wizard.
* Time differs depending on the surroundings of the computer.
* It does not apply to uploading images to the computer using Canon brand applications (Ex. ZoomBrowser EX).
2. When a camera with a lot of images inside is connected and if you download images to the computer using ZoomBrowser EX, the following [Server Busy] message may be displayed in some case.
When this message is displayed, click the [Switch to..] button.
If the same message is displayed again, click the [Switch to..] button again till the message disappears.
Downloading and Installing the driver
- Perform the following download procedures.
- The driver is saved as a self-extracting, compressed file and it will be automatically installed.
1. Click the download file below, and then click [Save] in the [Download File] dialog box that appears. 
* When you click [Open] in this dialog box, the procedures that follow below will be performed automatically (to step 4).
2. Specify the download destination (ex. Desktop), and then click [Save]. 
The file will be downloaded to the destination you specified in .exe format.
3. Double-click the downloaded file. The contents of the file will be extracted automatically.
4. When the extraction is complete, installation will start automatically.
If the installation is canceled before completion
If the installation is canceled, the temporary folder created during extraction will disapear. Restart the installation from step 3 above if you wish to install the driver again. If you clicked [Open] instead of saving the downloaded file in step 1, and also canceled the installation before it was complete, download the file again and perform the procedure above from the beginning.
5. the Language selection panel will be shown. Select the language of the driver, then click [OK].
6. When the install wizard is displayed, click [Next].
7. In the [Area Selection] panel, select the residential area and click [Next].
8. Click [Yes].
9. Click [Next].
10. When copying files process is finished, [WIA Driver Update Utility] dialog box will be displayed.
Follow the onscreen instructions to connect the camera to the computer with the USB cable. 
If the [Event] dialog that allows you to select an application program to start, click [Cancel]. Close any applications which have automatically started.
11. Confirm that the name of the camera connected is displayed, and click [OK].
12. When the message [Driver has been updated] is shown, the installation is completed.
Click [OK], then the [Event] dialog box will appear allowing you to select an application program to start.
13. Click [Finish]. This will end the installation.
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