Bubbles of Different Colors

L-series lenses are the result of Canon’s never ending commitment to the pursuit of technological innovation in optics, drive systems, durability, robust performance, and all other aspects of imaging. Canon has always pursued technologies that offer new capabilities and revolutionary forms of expression. Here are some of the unique technologies that Canon has introduced for use in L-series lenses.

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Optical Technology


Our development of camera lenses began with the creation of the optical materials

UD Lenses

Optical technology that supports L-series performance

Aspherical Lenses

A breakthrough in camera lens performance

BR Lens

Reducing chromatic aberration that was once typical of large-aperture lenses

Floating System

Changing the status quo with lenses that provide top quality imaging performance at any shooting distance


Super Spectra Coating

Studying sunlight in the search for ideal coloring

SWC: Subwavelength Structure Coating

An anti-reflective coating that absorbs light into the lens

ASC: Air Sphere Coating

Effectively reducing lens flare and ghosting

Fluorine Coating

A range of merits that support quality photography

DS Coating

Enhancing portrait photography with a new level of bokeh expression

Drive Technology

In-Lens Drive Systems

Immediate, accurate response

Large-Diameter Fully Electronic Lens Mount

Expanding the domain of photographic expression

RF Mount

RF-mount design builds on the expectations of EF-mount lens users

Ring-Type USM

A groundbreaking new motor brings the promise of an “ideal lens” closer to reality

Nano USM

An ultrasonic motor with a revolutionary actuator that delivers high-speed AF


STMs are smaller, quieter, and have shorter start-up times, comparable with USM devices


A sophisticated function that expands the range of expression

IS (In-Lens Image Stabilization)

A new range of shooting options

Hybrid IS (in-lens image stabilization)

A new dimension in macro lens performance

Coordinated Control IS

The impact of coordinated control IS enabling image stabilization of up to 8.0 stops

Control Ring

RF lenses can be operated easily using the free left hand

SA Control Ring

Expanding the possibilities of macro photography

Inner and Rear Focusing Systems

Lens design that supports the AF performance of the entire system

Full-Time Manual Focus

Useful for severe focusing needs through seamless AF and MF operation

Technology for Durability and Toughness

The Ultimate in Toughness and Durability

Lenses that can withstand the harshest of conditions


Dust- and moisture-resistant construction performs to spec in even the most rugged shooting conditions

White Lenses

The lens barrel is a symbol of L-series performance

Heat Shield Coating

Bringing the “white barrel” into fashion

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