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Arizona 6100 XTS Mark II Series

AZ6160 MK II
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  • Seven independent ink channels provide real-world productivity exceeding 2,368 ft2/hr
  • The 3 extra ink channels in the Arizona 6170 XTS Mark II support light Cyan and light Magenta for beautifully smooth print quality at the highest speeds plus White ink for specialty applications
  • Dual-zone pneumatic registration pins allow for quick, precise board placement
  • Automated Printhead Maintenance System for quick, hands-free maintenance
  • Active pixel placement compensation for assured image sharpness, density and uniformity around the entire flatbed
  • Multiple user-selectable vacuum zones designed to match most standard-sized graphic arts media without masking
  • Batch mode for streamlining multi-layered jobs or facilitating set collation
  • Support for Arizona Xpert software for quick and easy creation of complex, higher margin jobs
  • Mark II improvements include High Key print mode, ORS (On-remote Service) connectivity, controller enhancements, built-in automation API, increased storage, etc.
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Technical Specifications

Main Unit Specs

Rigid Media Size
98.4" x 121.3"
Rigid Media Thickness
VariaDot printing technology
6 to 42 picoliter droplets, 636 nozzles, six printheads/channel, dual row design
High Key Print Speed
2,368 ft2/hr
Ink Channels
6170 XTS Mark II - 7 ink channels
6160 XTS Mark II - 6 ink channels
(upgradable to 7 channels)