Crowd People Counter for Milestone XProtect® Version 1.0

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  • Wide Coverage Area Helps to Save on Equipment and Installation Costs
  • Detects People Facing Any Direction for Greater Accuracy
  • People Can be Counted in Both Live and Recorded Video
  • Real-Time Alerts for Quick Decision Making, and Post Processing Capabilities for Analysis
  • Supports WebAPI to develop Web Applications


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Technical Specifications

Crowd People Counter for Milestone XProtect Version 1.0

Operating Environment Recommended PC Specifications [For Analysis Server]
CPU: Intel Core i7-6700 or greater (4 cores or more, HT technology compatible)*1
Memory: 16GB or more*1

Storage: Sufficient capacity for outputting data is necessary.
When outputting JPEG files, one JPEG file is outputted for each count interval, the amount of data from the start till the end of analysis can be calculated by the following formula.
Amount of output data from JPEG file= 1 JPEG image file size*2 x period between start and end of analysis (sec.) / count interval (sec.)
*1 In the case of simultaneously executing five analysis. The specifications required vary according to the number of analysis to be executed.
*2 A JPEG image file size can vary widely, depending on the resolution of the input video, background, and color of the image.

[For Client PC]
CPU: Intel Core i7-4770 or greater (3.4 GHz or greater)
Memory: 8GB or more
Operating System Windows 10 Pro/Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
Windows Server 2012 Standard 64-bit
Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard 64-bit
Windows Server 2016 Standard 64-bit
Supported XProtect Server Milestone XProtect Corporate 2017 R2/2017 R3/2018/2019*/2020 R1*
Milestone XProtect Expert 2017 R2/2017 R3/2018/2019*/2020 R1*
Milestone XProtect Enterprise 2016 R2
Milestone XProtect Professional+ 2017/2018/2019*/2020 R1*
Milestone XProtect Professional 2017/2018/2019 R1/2019 R2
Milestone XProtect Express+ 2017/2018/2019*/2020 R1*
* The function to encrypt communication with the client and services that retrieve data streams from the recording server is not supported.
Supported XProtect Client Milestone XProtect Smart Client 64-bit 2016 R3/2017/2018/2019/2020 R1
Milestone XProtect Smart Client for Express and Professional 64-bit 2019 R2
Software [For Analysis Server]
.Net Framework 4.6.1 or later
SQL Server Express 2016
Visual C++ 2015 Runtime Library

[For Client PC]
.Net Framework 4.5.2 or later
Display Language Japanese/English/Italian/Spanish
- Linked to the language settings of Milestone XProtect Smart Client. Displayed in English for other languages than listed above.
Input Data Requirements Supported cameras: Milestone XProtect Compliant

Live/recorded video from network cameras registered to Milestone XProtect
Maximum resolution: 5472 x 3648
Functions Detection Area Setting detection areas and non-detection areas respectively
  • Polygon (polygon consisting of 3 to 8 points)
  • Up to 4 detection areas and 4 non-detection areas
Count Interval Select from [1sec., 10sec., 30sec., 1min., 5min., 10min., 15min., 30min., 1hour].
Output Analyzed still image file (JPEG)*1, analysis results file (CSV)*1, log (CSV), analyzed data (JSON)*2
*1 Possible to download analysis results data to Client PC
*2 An external system necessary to enable Web API to acquire an analyzed data.
Interval for Creating Analysis Results Files (CSV) Select from [Do Not Create New File, 1min., 5min., 10min., 15min., 30min., 1hour, 2hours, 4hours, 8hours, 12hours, 24hours].
Storage Period for Analysis Database Maximum 1 year
Automatic Deletion of Analysis Results Files Possible to delete automatically analyzed still image files (JPEG) and analysis result files (CSV) after the specified period.
Schedule Setting Up to 20 schedules can be set. Up to 5 schedules can be set for a camera.
Run history can be saved as a text file.
Graph Display
  • Displays results during the count in the live video (possible to set display interval).
  • Displays a count result for an arbitrary period* (possible to set display interval automatically according to the period).
* By clicking the graph, the first count result within the display interval is shown.
Event Notification Events are notified when triggered by thresholds.
  • Possible to set 2 levels of thresholds (Warning/Critical)
  • Possible to set thresholds for a camera or for an aggregated results* of multiple cameras (2 to 5).
* Possible to set Multiple camera notification up to 8 sets.
Preview of Results Displays count results on the screen. Displays aggregated result as graph.
Log Output v
Specifications Number of Pixels Necessary for Detecting a Person 15 pixels or more for a person's width
  • Maximum detectable number of people at highest resolution: approx. 88,000
  • Maximum detectable number of people in full HD: approx. 9,000
Angle Looking Downward on People (Angle of Depression) 10° to 65°*
* Even within the angle of depression, depending on the degree of congestion of the crowd, the people overlapping may affect the count.
Difficult Scenes and Subjects Scenes that may decrease the detection rate of people appearing in the video People of largely di¿erent sizes are within the same height range in the video
  • Ex. - Distance between the people in front and people in the back is large, and the angle of depression is shallow.
  • When there is a large difference in the distance from the camera between left and right of the video
  • Fisheye image, distortion of the peripheral part of the video, etc.
An image in which the size of the faces are irregular in the vertical direction of the angle of view
  • Ex. - Different floors (stairwell etc.)
  • People having big difference in height
Wearing a hat or helmet, special hairstyle or color, baldness Black-and-white image
  • Ex. - When capturing in night mode
Hidden person
  • Ex. - The head of the person is hidden by another person, an umbrella, a banner, eaves, etc. and unable to be seen.
Situations where people generally cannot be seen clearly in the video
  • Ex. - Same color clothing as the floor or wall, people around, etc. unable to determine the body and their surroundings
  • Insufficient illuminance
  • People barely visible due to smoke or fog etc.
  • Out of focus, blur
Scenes in which objects other than people may mistakenly be counted as people Scenes or objects which can be misidentified as people
  • Ex. - Objects' shape/color/size similar to the human body and head
Options Moving Object Silhouetting Possible via Moving Object Mask for Milestone XProtect (sold separately)

Product Disclaimer

  1. Count result varies depending on the installation environment and how people are captured.
  2. Depending on the width of person and congestion in the video, count may not be successful.